The Importance Of Beauty In The Digital World

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Digital world is the while sector of technology that has been developed so far since the late 1950’s, when the digital revolution started, to this moment. It is a vast subject that covers digital devices, data, media, technical devices all of which facilitate people in various ways. The types of digital devices vary from cameras and mobile phones to complicated computer matrices. However it is not just limited to facts or data, entertainment through means of different apps or gaming gadgets is also included in the sphere of digital world.
Now digital world cannot be recognized without the mention of social media, a collection of online communication channels dedicated to community based inputs interactions, content sharing and collaboration.
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As is said by Elena Rossini, "Western beauty ideals — actually, man-made Western beauty ideals — have spread to the rest of the world through globalization and are now being upheld as models even in places like India and Japan". It is clearly validated that western beauty standards are now scattered everywhere in our routine lives. We see examples of such unrealistic standards in things like magazines, catwalks, billboards, advertisements on TVs and blogs etc. Another example that can be observed is the high end favoritism of unrealistic beauty standards in catwalks of notorious brands such as Victoria's Secret. social media apps have over 1000 million users watching those models who have moulded themselves according to the beauty standards. To specify these ideals, for women the ideal is considered to be a well-toned tall body having a small waist, long legs, porcelain skin with delicate features and a pearly smile. These are the characteristics possessed by the majority of western citizens in USA, France, Italy , UK even Russia and china. The more the Caucasian features, the closer to the beauty standards. Whereas for males, the beauty standards do not vary a lot across the map regardless of specific facial features and skin
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