The Digital World

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Digital technologies and their applications allow developing different information processing systems that create a new environment called a “Digital World”(Report. Committee on Science and Technology, 2011). Digital world is global and interconnected. As a teacher in this world, incorporating digital tools like computer, ipad, Internet access, data storage, electronic white board and other Web 2.0 tools in my pedagogy will enable me to connect and collaborate globally, provide me huge possibilities of finding, discovering, creating, generating new ideas, to create powerful self directed, life long learners who can become confident knowledge workers fulfilling the digital expectancy of a knowledge society, all of which are the characteristics of the digital world.

A knowledge worker is an individual who is relatively well educated and who creates, modifies and/or synthesize knowledge as a fundamental part of a job

Knowledge society refers to societies that are well educated, and rely on the knowledge of their citizens to drive the innovation, entrepreneurship and dynamism of that society’s economy (Organisation of American States, 2014).

Digital expectancy is furthering the demand to incorporate more technology into the classroom. Digital expectancy is developing from 6 main sources, students, parents, teachers, wider community, government and employers (sharonbous, 2014).

Digital world gave rise to a new generation called the “Digital Natives” – who are the “native speakers‟ of the digital language of computers and the Internet (Jones & Shao, 2011). These kids are born into a world of modern technology and are immersed in a world of video games, computers, digital music players and cell phones. (Rudi, 2011).

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... them as natural tools as part of their given worldJones & Shao, 2011, p. 6)
They are learning to speak a language that doesn’t come as naturally to them (CNN) They need to develop their digital literacy to keep pace with the exponentially burgeoning digital world that offers vast promise, but at the same time demands a critical stance to ensure that the power of these tools is used responsibly (Butler & Kisber, 2013)
The delivery of a customized, “student-centric” education based on learning styles and areas of interest is being facilitated by new digital technologies. (Christensen, 2008)

The teacher is the factory worker, an expert deliverer and quality assessor of packages of information and skills that are useful for the professional lives of the students. The students are pieces of metal to be moulded according to their function in society (profes-sions). (
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