Community Problem Essays

  • Rape - A Community Problem

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    Rape - A Community Problem This paper will focus on the social and cultural conditions that intensify or perpetuate rape. The causes and reasons for rape are deeply entrenched in our social structure. We can explore some of the motivations and circumstances which lead men to rape. We have learned that some men rape out of anger and a need to overpower, dominate, and humiliate. We can also look at some of the historical attitudes from which today's beliefs and stereotypes have evolved. However

  • Civic Engagement through Community Problem Solving

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    Engagement through Community Problem Solving Abstract As young people’s civic and political participation continues to decline, a number of organizations are working to reverse the decline by increasing opportunities for youth to participate. Communities around the country are taking steps to engage young people through a variety of methods that allow youth to actually participate in policy development and take action on local issues. The effectiveness of such community programs on long-term

  • What Are The Problems Students Face With Community College?

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    for students to afford the tremendous costs of tuition. As a result, community colleges have traditionally provided an alternative for lower income students. Tuition is much cheaper, acceptance is easier, and class schedules are very flexible. It sounds ideal to someone who works to support their family. But there is more to the story than first meets the eye. Students are running into tremendous issues while attending community colleges. In

  • Community Policing Vs Problem Oriented Policing

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    local law enforcement, communities would not function correctly. For a community to function smoothly, it does not only take an easy one job task, rather a set of different inputs. Two of various inputs utilized are community policing and problem-oriented policing. This paper will explain the importance and the roles they play in each community in the following matter. Foremost, community policing and problem-oriented policing will be explained, followed by why community policing was enforced, and

  • Community Colleges Problem

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    Community colleges have many problems though only a few colleges are attempting to fix these problems. Many students are not graduating because of the problems that colleges are having. Graduating is significant for a person’s future, so colleges are now trying to figure a way to increase the graduation rate. Increasing the graduation rate is important and having better and more advisers, fewer remedial courses, and low tuition cost is the way to increase that rate. Advisors Advisers are extremely

  • Homelessness: A Community Problem

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    Sociology Compass, 6 (1), 72-85. 2012. Web. Wolch, Jennifer.R., Dear, Michael., & Akita, Andrea. Explaining homelessness. Journal of the American Planning Association, 54 (4), 443-453. 1988. Web. Campbell-Pierce, Jamie. Homelessness: A Community Problem and a Community Solution. N.d. Pdf. Kenyon, Thomas. L. What you can do to help the homeless. New York: Simon & Schuster. 1991. Print.

  • Elmhurst Community Gardening Problem Study

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    nutrition, the social problem of obesity would decline. Besides providing fresh food to food deserts (areas where people rely on dry, prepackaged foods), gardens are proven to decrease the crime rate according to a 2013 study from UC Davis (Urban Vine 2015). High crime traps children indoors and prevents them from exercising which increases the obesity rate; gardens would counteract this. Furthermore, since plants consume CO2 green roofs and green walls will help minimize the social problem of pollution and

  • Transportation in Urban Communities: Traffic Problems

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    The traffic problems that all of us have to face well known. This aspect of urban experience deserves a lot of attention and discussion. As this is a problem faced by all and sundry. As asked in the first question its importance will be explained and in what ways it affects the urban life. It would be difficult to imagine how life will be without transportation a movement of people. It affects the urban experience in many different ways. Road congestion is becoming so common that people take 1 hour

  • Social And Economic Problems Within The Aboriginal Community

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    non-Indigenous people with missing and murder cases. The marginalization of Indigenous women and girls in Canadian society has pushed them into more and more situations of victimization. Neglecting to form a solution to the social and economic problems within the Aboriginal community, especially with disadvantaged Native women and girls, further encourages their negative living conditions as well as the crimes committed to them. This also concerns the systemic bias within the justice system and the police who

  • Public Enemy Addresses Problems of the Black Community

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    “My job is to write shocking lyrics that will wake people up,” said Chuck D. This was his goal as the leader of Public Enemy (Dery, 1990). He wrote lyrics that were awakening and energizing. Public Enemy was a spokesperson for the African American community. Their lyrics contain controversial and popular issues such as drugs, crime, racism, and poverty. As well as the lyrics, the instrumentals are significant to conveying the group’s goal. The instrumental/sound part creates the mood, sets the beat

  • Communities

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    When most people talk about community, they think of a location, an area in which people live. By definition “community” is a group of people living in the same location and under the same government. Community can also be defined as a group of people with the same common interests or segments in society. However, these definitions, which can be found in any dictionary, are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to explaining what community really is. Community is the memories and traditions

  • Louisiana Problem

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    on the problem of child well-being in Beauregard Parish, Louisiana. All aspects of the situation will be examined through the framework of problem, population and arena, and will look at an agency addressing the needs of the target population. Louisiana ranks very low in child well-being and this problem were examined in Beauregard Parish. Aspects of the problem include education, economic, and family and community well-being. Certain factors were identified as contributors to the problem in the

  • Requiring Community Service At California State University

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    Requiring Community Service Whether Csun students should do the volunteer job or not, first students need to understand the meaning and values of volunteering job. Volunteering often allows students to get involved with new things and develop their social and academic skills that couldn’t be learned in a classroom environment. Sometimes volunteering allows students to experience different environments and situations. Often, volunteer jobs give a positive benefit to students in university to care

  • Spiral of Consumption

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    "[t]he erosion of the ties of community" (Sagoff 94). The problems inherent in consumer culture exist as a spiral; the lack of community beget increased need of commodities, while at the same time consumption of a larger amount of commodities dissolves the ties of the community. To impede the downward spiral of consumer culture, one must take action upon the roots of the problem, the roots of increased need and loss of community. However, since the loss of community is a result of need, and need

  • Analysis Of The Freirean Method

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    movements in the hands of communities, not in the hands of individuals like Martin Luther King, Jr. (20). Moses draws on previous experiences when he says that communities have more power than any individual and once they place their resources into a goal, there is no possibility of stopping them (Moses 21). Moses personally saw southern communities finally speak out against oppression and obtain the civil rights that everyone deserves (21). Also speaking towards the power of communities, Santos writes that

  • Summary: Identity Within A Community

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    Project Planning Assignment: Identity Within A Community Part One: Relevance of Theme What matters about this topic and why would students care? The search for identity is a universal one. Identity is something we all struggle with, let alone how our identity morphs within different communities. We act differently in front of different crowds. For example in front of parents we may be respectful and quiet, but in front of our peers we could be outgoing, chatty, and rambunctious. Exploring identity

  • Role of Community in Environmental Health

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    In the terms of community investment, Cultural Anthropologist Victor Turner used the term community that emerges during a collective ritual and is characterized by social equality, solidarity, and togetherness (Liburd 1) From this perspective, Turner argues that a connection of commonality, interest and preservation are elements needed to not only increase awareness of environmental issues in efforts to secure protection against toxic agents from entry into the community. I want to argue six points

  • Social Force Field Analysis

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    social worker involved in the community. Draft a paragraph that outlines one proposal for planned change that you believe would benefit the community. Include your proposal paragraph in your discussion post, along with your answers to these force field analysis questions: As a social worker in the community of Lakeside, there are many problems, however, one proposal that I feel could be helpful is bringing new businesses to the community because of the following problems listed below that were brought

  • Community Development In Canada

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    Community development can be seen as a process where members of a community come together to take collective action concerning a variety of topics that affect residents (PeerNetBC, n.d, p.1). This process is essential to the wellbeing and growth of a community, without it communities do not flourish. An example of this in Canada is the lack of community development found in aboriginal communities. This is a result of suffering derived from residential schools and even though these schools have been

  • Inner City Community Case Study

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    inner city communities. This paper focuses on the different activities offered to single parent families living inner city communities and the benefits and constraints that come along with these provided services. Population background Inner City Communities are often areas which are both densely populated and deteriorating(quote). The areas and its residents have strongly been correlated with social and economical disparity. Residents of inner city communities have been plagued with problems including: