Social And Economic Problems Within The Aboriginal Community

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Recent reports of nearly 1200 missing and murdered Native American women from over the past 30 years have garnered attention from the media, resulting in a national cry for justice by the Indigenous population, but none from the rest of the country. This is in part due to the lack of awareness from the Canadian public concerning Native American issues and from the considerable lack of general media attention they get compared to non-Indigenous people with missing and murder cases. The marginalization of Indigenous women and girls in Canadian society has pushed them into more and more situations of victimization. Neglecting to form a solution to the social and economic problems within the Aboriginal community, especially with disadvantaged Native women and girls, further encourages their negative living conditions as well as the crimes committed to them. This also concerns the systemic bias within the justice system and the police who deal with the cases yet have failed to prevent and protect Aboriginal women and girls, by having them “over-policed, but under-protected”. Furthermore, the government has yet to address and create substantial solutions concerning the issues of Aboriginal women and their communities in Canadian society in order to help improve their conditions.

To begin with, Aboriginal people in Canada have suffered immensely through years of oppression because of colonization and the policies created to assimilate them. Historical impacts of the Aboriginal genocide, and the laws and actions taken thereafter, have affected the Aboriginal people into becoming less in control of their own lives and their culture. It has also resulted in Aboriginal women being further subjected to marginalization within the country, ...

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... Lastly, it continues the acts of racial discrimination and violence for Aboriginal women in all aspects of their lives (Anaya, 2014).
Many solutions may lead to the improvement of Aboriginal lives, and ultimately bring justice to the victims of those whom are missing and murdered. Policies that ensure no racial discrimination within the force is tolerated, and better investigative efforts from the police when dealing with the cases should be implemented to provide the community with more trust in confiding to them. The increase in media and public awareness of the subject would help bring more understanding of Aboriginal issues and the battles they face in society (RCMP, 2014). Finally, the creation of a national inquiry by the Trudeau

government as demanded by the public, helping acknowledge and provide help in solving the cases. (Amnesty International, 2014).

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