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  • Commercial Uses of Enzymes

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    Commercial Uses of Enzymes The use of enzymes to modify foods has increased vastly and these fermentations are continuing to be important, however, a new type of enzyme industry has evolved which involves the use of harvesting enzymes from microorganisms. The production of enzymes from bacteria and fungi can be isolated from the growth media and cleansed and purified as necessary. Generally in industrial processes the enzyme is immobilised which allows t h enzyme to be re-used and also

  • Use of Pathos in an Ad Commercial

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    Use of Pathos in an Ad Commercial The images which are used for advertisements, newspapers, or magazines usually include the significant purposes and ideas. Then, in many cases, they are described by ethos, pathos, and logos which are used frequently to catch viewers’ attentions. Even if the ads do not have concrete strategies and clear opinions, those ads may not be able to persuade the viewers. In other words, the excellent ads could use one of three persuasions. The following advertisement

  • The Commercial Use of Mobile Telephones

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    The Commercial Use of Mobile Telephones Around the 1980’s mobile telephones started showing up for commercial use. They were analog style, cumbersome and expensive to purchase. In the 1990’s digital technology was born and mobile phones became readily available to everyone and less expensive than the previous ten years. By 1998 over 30% of the world population within the areas of Europe, Asia, and North America had mobile telephones. With this type of usage of mobile telephones, Mobile Telephone

  • Protection of the Commercial Use of Free Speech

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    Protection of the Commercial Use of Free Speech If there is a bedrock principle underlying the First Amendment, it is that government may not prohibit the expression of an idea simply because society finds the idea morally offensive or disagreeable." It is because I believe these words by Justice Brennan, I stand for the negation of today's resolution, that "When they Conflict, Respect for....... Cultural Sensitivity Ought To Be Valued Above Commercial Use of Free Speech." My value for

  • The High Commercial Use of Asbestos in Construction

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    Asbistus hes biin pruvid tu bi riloebli on cunstractoun es edhisovis, risostenci tu hiet, hogh tinsoli stringth, end badgit sefi. Thiri eri meny doffirint typis uf esbistus loki, emphobuli end chrysutoli. Thi must cummun typi os chrysutoli, ur whoti esbistus end thi chimocel furmale os Mg3(So2O5)(OH)4. Thos chimocel os uftin asid ell thruaghuat schuuls mekong choldrin choif voctoms. Thuagh riloebli es stractarel sappurt, esbistus hes biin pruvid tu bi e tockong tomi-bumb. “Darong thi 1980s esbistus

  • Use of Islamic Sharia Law in Commercial Transactions

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    Islamic Sharia Law in commercial transactions involves several prohibitions such as those of riba and gharar. Muslim scholars have agreed that the damages caused by dealing with usury and gharar outweigh their benefits; they are forbidden in the Quran and Sunna. However, this prohibition does not necessarily mean that all contracts which contain gharar are invalid; for example, sallam contracts contain gharar. The reason for this is that the benefits have overshadowed the harms. Therefore, the objective

  • The Medicinal, Industrial, Recreational, and Commercial Uses of Marijuana

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    The Medicinal, Industrial, Recreational, and Commercial Uses of Marijuana "Penalties against possession of a drug should not be more damaging to the individual than the use of the drug itself" said President Jimmy Carter in a message to Congress in 1977 (Family Council on Drug Awareness). Unfortunately, congress did not and has not listened to him. Even though numerous government-sponsored studies have proven that the use of the cannabis plant is safe and has many benefits, it is still illegal

  • Seal Hunting in the Maritimes

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    Usually they are known as commercial seal hunters. Harp and hooded seals are the majority of prey. When they reach the seals, they continue their job by shooting any seal in sight, young, old, or even seals carrying infant seals. It is a very difficult situation to imagine when the helpless animals flee from their hunters. Seals do escape and can continue on, but the ones who are shot and are hurt usually just slip under the radar and eventually suffer and die. The hunters use hakapiks to kill the injured

  • The Ethical, Social and Economic Benefits of the Commercial and Medical Use of Enzymes

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    The Ethical, Social and Economic Benefits of the Commercial and Medical Use of Enzymes This essay will be discussing the ethical, social and economic benefits of the commercial and medical use of enzymes. Firstly, an enzyme is a biological catalyst produced in cells, which is capable of speeding up reactions by reducing the activation energy for a reaction to take place. Enzymes are proteins that are highly specific due to its active site, which is formed by the specific folding of the

  • Robert Scholes on Video Texts - Comparison

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    According to Robert Scholes, author of On Reading a Video Text, commercials aired on television hold a dynamic power over human beings on a subconscious level. He believes that through the use of specific tools, commercials can hold the minds of an audience captive, and can control their abilities to think rationally. Visual fascination, one of the tools Scholes believes captures the minds of viewers, can take a simple video, and through the use of editing and special effects, turn it into a powerful scene