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Piracy is the unauthorized copying, counterfeiting or distribution of software. Piracy is essentially stealing someone else's intellectual property. The five most common types of software piracy are end user piracy, client-server overuse, Internet piracy, hard disk loading, and software counterfeiting.

End User Piracy occurs when an employee of a company reproduces software without the proper authorization. End User Piracy can be done in several different ways:

. Using one licensed copy to install a program on multiple computers

. Copying disks for installation and distribution

. Taking advantage of upgrade offers without having a legal copy of the version to be


. Acquiring academic or other restricted or non-retail software without a license for

commercial use

. Swapping disks in or outside the workplace [6]

Client-Server overuse occurs when too many employees on a network are using a central copy of a program at the same time. When using a program in this way, it must be stated in the license. By having more employees using the software than stated in the license, is defined as overuse.

Internet Piracy occurs when software is downloaded from the Internet. Although the product was acquired through the Internet, the same rules apply as if it were bought in a store. Internet Piracy can be done in several different ways:

. Pirate websites that make software available for free download or in exchange for

uploaded programs

. Internet auction sites that offer counterfeit, out-of-channel, infringing copyright


. Peer-to-Peer networks that enable unauthorized transfer of copyrighted programs. [6]

Hard-Disk Loading occurs when a business w...

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