Cleaning Essays

  • Spring Cleaning

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    “Kelly come back, I gave you the wrong set of keys,” exclaimed Ben. I was on my way to get the riding lawn mower so we could begin our spring cleaning. It’s my Mother-in-Law, Linda’s, monstrous area consisting of two acres. We mow every Saturday during the spring and summer months to help her out since Ben’s father passed away. Outside a gentle breeze flew by as the sun glared down upon our faces. “Is this the best time of day to be doing this?” I thought to myself; as it was a scorcher outside

  • Essay On Cleaning Service

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    CTA1: Get the Quality Cleaning Service You Need by Calling [phone]! CTA2: For Dependable and Timely Janitorial Service, Call [phone] Now! A Cleaning Service You Can Count On! Are you in the market for a cleaning company you can count on? Are you tired of overpriced and mediocre services? If so, you have come to the right place! [cn] has been providing quality and affordable home cleaning and janitorial service throughout the [ln] area for more than [years] years. Our company has a bright reputation

  • Busy Bubbles Laundromat and Car Cleaning

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    Busy Bubbles Laundromat and Car Cleaning Free drying is for wash customers only May not be the most welcoming of banners, and yet if you are a wash customer you are one of the privileged and included. This wonderful space of washing, drying, tanning and car cleaning has to be the one and only Busy Bubbles. A small building just north of NDSU, this is an extraordinarily busy little corner of the world we call Fargo- Moorhead. Not only, can you wash your car and tan; this is a 24-hour laundromat

  • Analysis Of Cleaning: The Final Feminist Frontier, By Jessica Grose

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    around the house is that, “A woman’s work is never done.” Posted on an online magazine website author, Jessica Grose, wrote an article titled “Cleaning: The Final Feminist Frontier,” published March 13th, 2013. As she got into the article she argues that men in our lives more recently started taking on more of the childcare and cooking, while the cleaning still falls unfairly on women. Jessica Grose starts to build her credibility with personal facts and using reputable sources. As she is starting

  • Washing and Constant Cleaning, an Obsessive-compulsive Disorder (OCD)

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    Washing and Constant Cleaning, an Obsessive-compulsive Disorder (OCD) Abstract Washing and constant cleaning, an obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). OCD often goes undiagnosed. Patients obsessively wash, check something or hoard things to relieve themselves of an overwhelming anxiety, and are fully aware their behavior is abnormal. This research studies a 23-year-old married woman who sought treatment for a severe washing and cleaning problem and how the patient was treated. I will discuss

  • Disadvantages Of Cleaning Products

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    food away. Unless, of course, they are in their own home. Often times, the handy five second rule will come into play. Even in homes there are toxins and chemicals sitting on the floor and surfaces - not just germs and bacteria. Overlooked are the cleaning products used - harmful, toxic products at that. How often do people, not just parents, overlook what is sitting on the surfaces in their home because they have cleaned it? Cleaners laden with toxic chemicals are used to sanitize or disinfect surfaces

  • Dry Cleaning Services

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    1. Evaluate the opportunity that is identified by Chris and Val in the case using the analytical tools you have covered in class (8). Technology Dry cleaning business was facing some loopholes especially in upgrading their plants. Technology has been on the spotlight and drycleaners needed to embrace this fact to impress their customers (Guardian News and Media Limited). Superb for instance required a computer system to manage records and data. Many plants were not able to afford to upgrade their

  • Cleaning up Bodies of Water with the Rio Salado Project

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    As I looked out the window of the restaurant, I could see the sun bouncing off the sparkling water below. Boats and other water craft scatter the water as well as people on water-skis and inner tubes. The picturesque view makes life seem so much better and just looking at the river makes a person calmer. The scene just described is the view from the window of a restaurant called Sophia in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and the corresponding river is the mighty Mississippi. Although Minnesota is the land

  • Household Cleaning Products as Teratogens

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    examine the health risks involved with cosmetics, cleaning products, and cans (Toxic). While women are pregnant, do they consider they might be taking risks while using any cleaning products at home? When do women ever consider house-cleaning products as teratogens? Do they ever stop and think that when they are touching and smelling a common cleaning product it might affect the fetus? Why are women so naïve about the harmful chemicals that these cleaning products contain? Teratogens are any substances

  • How to Enjoy Cleaning Your Bedroom

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    creating a good cleaning environment, getting organized, and finally polishing everything up. First and foremost before you begin cleaning; you need to create a good cleaning environment. You can do this by simply putting on any music that you enjoy listening to; I recommend something that you can sing along with. This will help to distract you from the dread of cleaning and help to make it a little more enjoyable. If you are doing something you enjoy along with the cleaning, then you are less

  • What Is The Vacuum Cleaner: A History That Sucks?

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    And so became the patent field and sales market. Door to door cleaning became prevalent with such inventors as Hubert Booth and John Thurman. In St. Louis, John Thurman started a horse drawn door-to-door vacuum service similar to Booth's. His vacuuming services were priced at $4 per visit in 1903. He invented his gasoline-powered

  • The Knife

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    just this. Edward Dawes and Herbert Smithers are just two friends having a drink with each other, but one of them has a knife that was found in a nearby sewer drain. Herbert is cleaning it widly as if he was possesed. Then a red ruby appears on the knife when he is done cleaning it, now the madness breaksout like a terrible plague.. While Herbert is admiring the knife, the maid walks in and asks to see the knife, but all of a sudden Herbert goes insane out of

  • The Importance of Mrs. Joe in Great Expectations

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    burst into a loud sobbing, got out the dustpan -- which was always a very bad sign -- put on her coarse apron, and began cleaning up to a terrible extent. Not satisfied with a dry cleaning, she took to a pail and scrubbing-brush, and cleaned us out of house and home, (author’s last name and page #) Truly, a frightening creature is that which may destroy a household, by cleaning when anger besets her. The comedy also has a serious side, though, as we remember our mothers exerting their great frustrations

  • Compare And Contrast Living Alone Vs Living With Others

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    when you might encounter something important. When you have a place together, you can take turns cleaning the place and cooking meals, all depending on each of the parties’ schedules. You have to take into consideration of what kind of food you are eating because you need to remember everyone has different likes and dislikes. Especially if you are both home at the same time for meal times. Cleaning actually gets mom or else your roommate does not think you are a cleanly person. When you are living

  • 19th Century Women

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    made it very difficult to do so. One of the most common expectations for women then is that they are responsible for doing the chore of cleaning whether it is cleaning the house, doing the laundry. The McGuffey Readers mentions the women’s duty to clean in a multiple places. In this handbook it gives clear directions to the woman on what she is to do when cleaning, “This ceremony completed, and the house thoroughly evacuated, the next operation is to smear the wall and ceilings with brushes dipped

  • Singapore by author Mary Oliver

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    Poem " Singapore" written by author Mary Oliver that I read in the book by John Schilb and John Clifford influenced me alot. The Poem narrates the life of a woman which works on an aeroplane and is cleaning teh restrooms which are very dirty. She visually and physically finds the job dirty. But while cleaning that restrooms she sees it in her own world.She finds her hands working in pleasure as she is wondering the scenes of rivers. She realises the truth of life that she has to work to earn her living

  • The Monster under My Bed

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    play, but after much begging my mother was still refusing to let me out of the house until my room was clean. The thought of my friends outside playing, and my missing out on the fun was too much for me to bear. I decided to take a shortcut on the cleaning and learned a lesson that even now, almost 20 years later, I still haven’t forgotten. I could tell from my mother's stern voice that she wasn’t going to budge on this one. I turned around, hunched my shoulders, dropped my head, and walked down

  • Should Kids Get Paid To Do Chores

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    Sometimes a job may pay you more than your parents are willing to pay for doing chores. Chores are mostly cleaning. If you went out and found a paying job to do, you may enjoy it more than just cleaning. Why not do something for money that you have more fun with? Lastly, some people parents may not have to money to pay you for doing work around the house all of the time. Some people’s parents don’t get

  • Chris Tucker

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    Tucker. Norris Tucker owned his own family business, a carpet cleaning business. Chris used to work for his dad at the carpet cleaning shop so he could have some extra money to spend. The one thing that was very unusual about Chris was his loud and annoying voice. The one obstacle that set Chris apart from his brothers was his loud and annoying voice. He used that gift to get to where he is today. His parents retired from the carpet cleaning business due to their youngest son’s success in Hollywood.

  • Working At Starbucks

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    I was making a grande vanilla bean frappiccino while other customers were waiting in line to have their order taken. Business was slow that day, but heck, everyday at my job was a slow one. I would think to myself, Why the hell am I still working here? when this place gets no business at all. Of course, I work at Starbucks, not the ones that you see on the corner of the streets, but I worked at the one in Target. At my Starbucks, we would have one person working each shift. We had three shifts