What Is The Vacuum Cleaner: A History That Sucks?

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The Vacuum Cleaner: A History That Sucks

Ehren Gerhard
Mrs. Anderson
English IV
March 28th, 2004

In our past, we have always demonstrated an insatiable quest for cleanliness. For example, as early as 2300 BC twig brooms were being used to tidy up peoples cave dwellings. (Inventors) In the early 20th century, the United States was enveloped with the rise of the industrial revolution. Surprisingly, one close to home detail was yet to be improved: home sanitation. Later, a revolutionary idea to suck in dirt and dust …show more content…

And so became the patent field and sales market. Door to door cleaning became prevalent with such inventors as Hubert Booth and John Thurman. In St. Louis, John Thurman started a horse drawn door-to-door vacuum service similar to Booth's. His vacuuming services were priced at $4 per visit in 1903. He invented his gasoline-powered vacuum cleaner in 1899 and some historians consider it the first. Thurman's machine was patented on October 3, 1899 On August 30th, 1901. (Dream) Hubert Booth received a British patent for a vacuum cleaner that took the form of a large, horse-drawn, petrol-driven unit. It was parked outside the building to be cleaned with long hoses fed through windows. As Booth demonstrated his vacuuming device in a restaurant in 1901, two inspired Americans introduced variations on the same theme. Corinne Dufour invented a device that sucked dust into a wet sponge. David E. Kenney’s huge machine was installed in the cellar and connected to a network of pipes leading to each room in the house.

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