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  • Islamic Banking System

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    Islamic Banking The Islamic banking today has become most popular and reliable financial system in the world. It appeared on the world scene as active player over three decades ago. Most of the principles are commonly accepted by the all over the world. Islam as a religion very clearly prohibits the Riba - the interest, so the basic principle of Islamic banking is the prohibition of Riba base transactions. The term Islamic banking became common in 1960’s, but the principles and concepts of system

  • Concepts of Islamic Finance

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    institution such as bank in order carry out their transaction based on the shariah principle. There are many financial institution based on the Islamic law but some of them does not really fully apply the shariah concept in every of their transaction. They are attend to follow the conventional concept in some matter in the transaction without realizing it against the shariah.

  • The Advantages of Islamic Finance and Banking

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    financial system. First of all, let us outline how Islamic banks actually work and what their main differences are in comparison with conventional banks. In this banking system, banks are operated by Islamic laws (known as Sharia), so Islamic economic principles are considered as primary guidance. Two basic doctrines behind Islamic banking are the sharing of profit and loss and, significantly, the prohibition of the collection and payment of interest . Hence unlike conventional commercial banks, Islamic

  • Argumentative Essay On E Banking

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    Abstract E-Banking is a recent phenomena emerged after Internet Evolution .Internet has changed our lives in a numerous ways it has brought our world closer and made us close to the things which to due to geographical boundaries were far from us. Apart from making flow of information and communication easier for us Internet helped in significant evolution in the sectors like Commerce and Banking. E-Banking is the backbone of the E-Commerce industry worldwide. Due to payment by E-banking we are able

  • Islamic Banking: Personal Banking And Business Banking

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    In Maybank Islamic, there are various Islamic products ranging from personal banking to business banking. Those products are using either shariah-based or shariah-compliance financial instruments such as wadiah, mudharabah, musyarakah, musyarakah mutanaqisah and others. In personal banking, there are save & invest, credit cards and financing. Meanwhile, under business banking there are term financing, working capital, deposit, trade finance and government/special funds. Wadiah Wadiah is the simple

  • Essay On Home Banking

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    Home banking, in general terms, is the practice of undertaking banking transactions away from the bank’s physical location, more so conducting them from home. In essence, this form of banking is conducted through an internet platform. The transactions are done through electronic means. The customer is able to access his or her account details, funds or other banking facilities through a personal computer or mobile phone internet from the comfort of their homes or offices. This form of banking was

  • Internet Banking

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    Internet Banking In the days of virtualisation where working mothers and travelling sales-team prefer to use flexi-time and remote jobs profile; Internet is being adopted as a parallel medium of communication, transaction, and social networking. Internet banking is fast gaining momentum across the globe for its convenience and ease of conducting transactions at a speed and service levels never dreamt of, a decade ago. In-spite of its multiple advantages, there is a need to step back and re-think

  • Islamic Banks in Malaysia

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    rose by 28.6 percent in 2009, to $822 billion dollar from $639 billion dollar in 2008 (The Banker, November 2009). According to Moody’s, 2009, Islamic banking assets and assets under management are expected to reach USD 1 trillion by 2010. In addition, potential market for this system is worth at least USD 5 trillion. IFS including Islamic banking has been incepted globally about three decades ago, and the number has grew from one in one country in 1975 to over 300 instituti... ... middle of paper

  • The Extreme Joy and Expense of Having a Baby

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  • The New Trend of Online Banking

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    The New Trend of Online Banking Picture what our bank looks like today: the brick building, the drive thru window, large vaults, and the counter full of tellers waiting to service their customers. This is the traditional bank that we have all grown up with, the classic brick-and-mortar business model, a fundamentally sound business model that has been successful for hundreds of years. So what has changed with our banks today? Well, the brick-and-mortar model still exists but there is a new