Summary Of The Banking Concept Of Education

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In Paulo Freire’s essay “The Banking Concept of Education” he talks about how in education there is no conversation between the teachers/professors and their students. In this essay there are a few points I do disagree with, such as that there are some class in which there cannot really be any conversation or discussion, for example mathematics cannot be disproven because there are theorems and concrete facts, so teachers and professors have to teach for memorization. Another reason I disagree with Freire’s way teaching is because in the banking concept Freire is against when teachers are just telling students things and they are regurgitating them, but some students learn better using memorization for learning in the class room and also when studying. The next point I disagree with in Freire’s essay is he doesn’t really look at it from the teachers stand point, because in the United States at least the teachers are now forced to only teach certain points in their subject because of all the standardize testing that they now have in place, specifically grade school. The last thing in Freire’s essay that I disagree with is how he seems to kind of put down teachers. The first point that I disagreed with in Freire’s essay was that all classes should have open discussions because some classes such as mathematics classes or science classes are concrete subjects that cannot be disproven. These…show more content…
Overall I do agree with Freire that students should have a hand in the discussion to help them learn to think more critically about what they are learning. I think every teacher or professor should try and incorporate the problem-posing model in their classrooms. But, the problem-posing model will not always work for every subject. All students should be able to think critically about what they are learning, express their opinions, concerns, and thoughts especially in the
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