Paulo Freire: The Banking Concept Of Education

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In The “Banking” Concept of Education, Paulo Freire effectively uses tone, ethos, pathos, and logos to argue that his proposed Problem-Posing education system is better than the common banking concept of education (Freire 33). The audience that Freire is writing to is going to consist of teachers and students. Teachers and students are effected most of all by the system of education that is used, and they are the ones that care most about how students are educated. In The “Banking” Concept of Education, Freire compares the current method of education to a monetary banking system where the information is deposited by the teacher into the students, and then the teacher withdraws the information when they please (27). Freire argues that the banking…show more content…
Freire wrote of education from a more political point of view, with words like oppressed and freedom in titles of his books. In his home country of Brazil, the 1960’s were important years both educationally and politically, which probably inspired Freire’s writing. In 1964, a military dictatorship took control of Brazil (WEBSITE), and in the same year, Freire was imprisoned and then exiled from the country. This would definitely have inspired Freire to write about education with the thought of freedom snuck in between the lines. Freire’s audience of the time would not have been in Brazil until it was published there in 1974, however it was published in Portuguese, English and Spanish (Readings for Writers). Teachers and students alike were able to relate to relate to The “Banking” Concept of Education in the late 1960’s and they still can relate to it in modern times. Students relate to the feeling of being oppressed and disrespected. Teachers will connect with Freire’s purpose by realizing that they actually do need to teach using his proposed problem-posing method.
In The “Banking” Concept of Education, Freire adopts a tone that is mostly educational and informational. Freire’s tone helps support his purpose because by using an informative tone, the reader will view him as professional and knowledgeable about education. This can be perceived as a form of
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Freire is simply stating the logical way that banking education works. Another example of logic within Freire’s purpose is that “Because they apprehend the challenge as interrelated to other problems within a total context, not as a theoretical question, the resulting comprehension tends to be increasingly critical” (34). This is sound logic because when a student is posed with a problem that may effect them, they are going to think more critically than if they were solving a problem that has no context and no relation to their lives. It is in human nature to care more about things that directly affect you than anything
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