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  • Bangladesh Essay: The Picture Of Bangladesh

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    A Picture of Bangladesh Despite being one of the most density-populated countries in the world, Bangladesh has a lot to offer its people and the world. The people of Bangladesh live in a contestant shift between drought and flooding. Through these hardships, Bangladesh still produces a large number of exports as well as local products and produce. The government of Bangladesh has two heads of office, the head of state and the head of the government. There are three major branches of military, Army

  • Population In Bangladesh Essay

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    Bangladesh is a small country of only about 147,570 square kilometers (Population Census, 2009), but its social and cultural life is so diverse that the land has been seen as a paradise by many social scientists. Bangladesh is ranked the eighth most populous country in the world, having 148.5 million people, but occupying only one 3000th part of the world‟s land space (Mabud, 2008). In a regional context, South Asian countries including Bangladesh comprise one quarter of the world‟s population, having

  • The Country Of Bangladesh Essay

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    Yeasmin 1 Mohima Yeasmin Dr. Shoff ENC1101 Sec.78 April 29, 2014 The Country of Bangladesh Bangladesh is a small country in line with the title of the 8th most populated country in the world with a population of about 163 million people. Bangladesh is just about the size of the sate Iowa, and is to the right of India, along the Indian Ocean. I can still remember bits and pieces of my first trip to Bangladesh back in 2004. I was only about 6 years old when I first went, and it was just an entire new

  • The Characteristics and Culture of Bangladesh

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    People’s Republic of Bangladesh, a country in South Asia, formed on the former site of the Pakistani province of East Pakistan. On 26 March 1971, its political leaders announced the creation of an independent state called Bangladesh. The exact founding date is 16 December 1971, when Pakistani troops surrendered to the joint command of East Bengal and Indian armed forces. So adverse is the economic situation in Bangladesh that some have referred to it not as a third world developing nation but as

  • Climate Change In Bangladesh Essay

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    investigate climate change and severe flooding in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The social, economic, and health impacts created by flooding will be investigated and assessed. It will be argued that flooding caused by climate change has the potential to devastate the region. As such, policies are needed that promote protections for residents, as well as reduce pollution to stem the costly tide of climate change. Flooding in Dhaka, Bangladesh Bangladesh is a region that has long been affected by flooding. Indeed

  • The History and Culture of Bangladesh

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    The History and Culture of Bangladesh Bangladesh came to existence in 1971 when Bengali East Pakistan seceded from its union with West Pakistan. It is located in southern Asia bordering the Bay of Bengal, between Burma and India. Bangladesh and West Bengal form a region which is called Bengal; and Bangladesh is sometimes referred to as East Bengal. It has a population of around 138,448,210 people. (CIA World fact book)The nation’s rapid growth has led to serious overcrowding. About one third

  • Country Of Bangladesh Essay

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    Bangladesh, or officially the People’s Republic of Bangladesh, is located in South Asia. It borders India to the west, north, and east, and Burma to the southeast. It also borders the Bay of Bengal and the Indian Ocean to the south. It is a small country, with an area of approximately 147,570 sq. km. (94th compared to all countries). However, it is the eighth-most populous nation in the world, with a population of over 160 million people, and is also among the world's most densely populated countries

  • Shipbuilding Industry Of Bangladesh

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    Ship building industry in Bangladesh is set to emerge as new export leader after two ship builders said Monday they have already grabbed order worth over $250 million last year. Meghnaghat-based Ananda Shipyards said it signed agreements worth around $180 million while Chittagong-based Western Marine put its total orders to more than $70 million. "It's a huge leap forward for us. If the trend continues, ship building in Bangladesh will be the second largest exporter after garments in 2015,"

  • Political Corruption in Bangladesh

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    Political Corruption in Bangladesh In this paper I will explain how corruption in Bangladesh works, shedding light on a practice that has long kept most people wondering about who is on whose payroll and who owes whom for what. In order to do this without confusing anyone first I will explain a little about the country of Bangladesh. Next I will define corruption and explain the forms it takes, as well as why certain individuals choose to practice corruption. Finally the paper will obviously talk

  • 1970 Cyclone of Bangladesh

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    On November 12th, 1970, the deadliest cyclone in the history of Bangladesh, formerly East Pakistan, struck around the northwest shores of the Bay of Bengal. East Pakistan was undergoing widespread poverty at the time, leading to a wide range of uncertainty in the death toll of the cyclone (Encyclopedia 501). Tensions between East and West Pakistan were at large at the time, leading West Pakistan to be disinclined to assisting East Pakistan in recovering from the storm (History 4). This became a factor

  • Technology In Bangladesh Essay

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    others to help the ones in need and make the world a better place to live in. Being born in Bangladesh and having the honor and pride to call myself a Bengali, it is my duty to help my motherland. Not only are there issues in Bangladesh that need to be resolved, there are several problems that need to be solved in our local Bengali Community in America. There is a rapid increase in immigrants from Bangladesh to the United States. They leave their family and belongings behind in order to begin a new

  • History Of Telecommunication Technology In Bangladesh

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    that defines the status of a country. Bangladesh came into being in 1971.The history of achieving current status in this sector sounds very interesting.Our current analysis is solely on the current state in this fields.Bangladesh Telegraph and Telephone Board was the only contender in telecommunication field in Bangladesh’s early days.Later on in 90’s licence was provided to a private company to compete with it.Since than days have passed by and Bangladesh have seen a dramatic and bewildering expansion

  • Bangladesh- ICT Driven Nation

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    The Bangladesh government has taken initiatives to build an ICT-driven nation comprising of knowledge-based society. In view of this, a country-wide ICT-infrastructure is being developed to ensure access to information by every citizen to facilitate empowerment of people and enhance democratic values and norms for sustainable economic development by using the infrastructure for human resources development, governance, e-commerce, banking, public utility services and all sorts of on-line ICT-enabled

  • Floods of 1998 in Bangladesh and Shrewsbury

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    Floods of 1998 in Bangladesh and Shrewsbury Causes, Effects and responses to flooding In Shrewsbury The Severn Valley floods, Shrewsbury, UK 1998: Causes ====== The human causes of the floods were summed up by the then Shadow Countryside Minister Tim Yeo MP, he said 'the flooding had increased because of the housing developments on Greenfield sites.' By this he means that by covering the land with tarmac in urban areas humans have increased the rate of surface runoff and decreased

  • The Terrible Impact of Globalization on Dhaka, Bangladesh

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    employs more than three million workers in Bangladesh, most of them women. Activists say that global clothing brands like Tommy Hilfiger and the Gap and those sold by Walmart need to take responsibility for the working conditions in Bangladeshi factories that produce their clothes." From article by Vikas Bajaj published in The New York Times, November 25, 2012 To establish our own point of view on the issues of globalization in Dhaka, Bangladesh we are obliged to take a look at few things

  • Suffering of Bangladesh People Due to Flooding

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    Why do people of Bangladesh suffer so much from flooding? The people of Bangladesh suffer so much from flooding because of the location of Bangladesh, population, monsoon climate, wealth of people/country, lack of emergency services, low amount of food and unclean water and loss of life and injures caused by diseases and flooding. The government have developed a Flood Action Plan, but this plan to reconstruct the whole country will definitely be very difficult because of the inundating amount of

  • Genocide Of Bangladesh Essay

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    Bangladesh became independent after fighting a bloody war of nine months where a massive amount of people were killed, tortured by the Pakistani Army. They killed and tortured the civilians including women, minors, intellectuals, and children. There is an academic consensus that the events took place during the Bangladesh Liberation war constituted genocide by West Pakistan against the people of Eastern Pakistan. The genocide of Bangladesh began on 26 March 1971 with the launch of Operation Searchlight

  • Essay On The History Of Bangladesh

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    The early history of Bangladesh is riddled with the formation of various city-states, pan-Indian empires, and maritime kingdoms. The name Bangladesh was not used until 1971 after the Bangladesh Liberation War. Bangladesh was originally known as Bengal. It is unclear where the name Bengal came from but it is believed that it was derived from Vanga, the Dravidian tribe that settled in the area around 1000 BC. By the 16th century, the Mughal Empire came to power. The Mughal Empire was a Persian speaking

  • Corporate Social Responsibility In Bangladesh

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    charity. 2. LITERATURE REVIEW 2.1 AFTER MATH OF RANA PLAZA COLLAPSED Bangladesh All Party Parliamentary Group (2013) believes that Bangladeshi needs to be supported by reforming the Ready Made Garment (RMG) sector. The UK as a main export market and support contributor is responsible in providing the necessary help and knowledge transfer. 2.2 CSR IN BANGLADESH According to Mondol (2009), Bangladesh Companies have practiced CSR for a long period of time. Their charitable practices

  • Branding Bangladesh Through Kazi Nazrul Islam

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    Case Study BRANDING BANGLADESH THROUGH KAZI NAZRUL ISLAM Pathfinder The case can be used or published for any academic purpose. Case Study BRANDING BANGLADESH THROUGH KAZI NAZRUL ISLAM The world is going through a turbulent environment in this era of intense globalization with awful amount of competition for businesses, and of fierce struggle for nations in gaining attention for trade, tourism, investment and other issues. Nation branding can extend a significant helping hand in this