Climate Change In Bangladesh Essay

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In recent years, a number of severe weather events have prompted increased concern over the role of climate change in changing weather patterns. Many vulnerable regions around the world have been greatly impacted by increasingly severe weather. For residents affected by these events, the consequences can be life-changing. Indeed, severe weather events, such as flooding, can greatly affect regions where it occurs, creating social, economic, and potentially serious health impacts. Residents affected by flooding may be displaced from their homes or suffer losses to their business. In order to ensure that people living in regions potentially vulnerable to these events, effective policies must be designed so that both the current and future needs of residents are met. Moreover, the role of climate change in leading to these severe weather events must be explored. Given that some still remain opposed to the idea of climate change, despite an overwhelming amount of evidence, there is a strong need to make clear the connections between climate change and these events, in order to ensure state policy is designed to ensure the effects of climate change are mitigated to the greatest extent possible. This essay will investigate climate change and severe flooding in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The social, economic, and health impacts created by flooding will be investigated and assessed. It will be argued that flooding caused by climate change has the potential to devastate the region. As such, policies are needed that promote protections for residents, as well as reduce pollution to stem the costly tide of climate change.
Flooding in Dhaka, Bangladesh
Bangladesh is a region that has long been affected by flooding. Indeed, the literature...

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...limate change. Dhaka is a city of tremendous importance in the region, with its considerable population as well as its major economic activity. Indeed, given the city's role as an important economic and social hub, as well as its relative vulnerability due to geography and climate change, solutions are needed to help ensure the city and its residents are better protected from floods. The policy solutions advanced here represent meaningful steps the government can take toward better protecting the population and ensuring that the terrible impacts of climate change are better managed. Going forward, it is critical for responses to climate change and extreme weather to be both pro-active, as well as responsive. With such policies, Dhaka, Bangladesh, can help ensure its prosperous future and that residents are better protected from a potentially serious global threat.
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