Technology In Bangladesh Essay

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Technology will always continue to prosperously evolve and advance. It has benefitted mankind with the creation of fire, the wheel, and numerous other aspects of development. It has given us the opportunity to overcome and conquer nature. Technology has influenced our lives in several ways that it almost feels like a super-power. As this power increases, we human beings will be the ones to determine the fate of the future. The progression of technology can either lead some human beings to go ashtray and take advantage of it by creating devastating wars, or it can lead others to help the ones in need and make the world a better place to live in. Being born in Bangladesh and having the honor and pride to call myself a Bengali, it is my duty to help my motherland. Not only are there issues in Bangladesh that need to be resolved, there are several problems that need to be solved in our local Bengali Community in America. There is a rapid increase in immigrants from Bangladesh to the United States. They leave their family and belongings behind in order to begin a new life in a new environment. However, it is never as they expected. Coming from a third world country, most of these immigrants cannot adapt to a life in America. Education is an issue that many immigrants have to face. Most of the time their education in Bangladesh does not transfer over, and in America they are uneducated. This ends up leading them having jobs with low wages. This slows down the Bengali community and puts them behind other communities. This is where technology comes into play. Technology is used in the process of their education. There are already different programs available like Khan Academy that make education available to the people that do not ha... ... middle of paper ... ...Although it is through a computer, it still inspires you and helps you feel connected. When you do not feel alone, you can accomplish anything. Our Bengali community needs more of this to improve their way of life. This is a way of bringing Bangladesh to America that helps comfort of the minds and hearts of many Bengalis. Our Bengali communities may seem like home, but there are lots of things we can do to improve the quality of living in these communities. To do this, we have technology by our side to help us. Different programs can educate the community, inform the community and connect communities to their families. All these are one step in the right direction. With technology in our hand we can definitely see a developed community in the future. These improvements within the local Bengali community will make them one of the best communities to be a part of.
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