History Of Telecommunication Technology In Bangladesh

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Introduction: Telecommunication Technology refers to the technology we use for telecommunication purpose.As the world is advancing forward aided by newer science discoveries and the application in technological forms,no country can sit behind now.The communication among people around the world has become much easier.In fact the word telemeans‘Distance’.Technology may be defined as the application version of what science renders.Bangladesh is a third world country and often termed as a developing one.Sate of TelecommunicatioTechnology is an important element among the indices that defines the status of a country. Bangladesh came into being in 1971.The history of achieving current status in this sector sounds very interesting.Our current analysis is solely on the current state in this fields.Bangladesh Telegraph and Telephone Board was the only contender in telecommunication field in Bangladesh’s early days.Later on in 90’s licence was provided to a private company to compete with it.Since than days have passed by and Bangladesh have seen a dramatic and bewildering expansion in this sector within a short time.As the population of Bangladesh rises in an incredibly high rates.The need of communication among such huge amount of people requires a big market of telecommunication.To meet this demand the expansion in the communication sector is quite obvious.The last decade observed the enlargement of the sector.The condition has improved and continues to be on in the days running and expected in future as well.Most of these companies are foreign in this field.A sound competition has made it easier. Telecommunication Technology condition although have not seen large expansion in terms of industrie,the use of these technologies in our dai... ... middle of paper ... ... offices now use electronics system of communication to aid people as well. 5.E Governance: The Bangladesh government is has taken initiatives to make a database of all its citizen after birth.All tender works for government are announced online and processed online. All governmental forms are available online now. These covers not only schools,colleges,universities but also the applications for jobs.Passport form submissions are also done online. MRP is another addition in this digitalization process. Traffic jam and handling of heavy traffic in Dhaka street has become a critical problem.A new system has been taken that shows the waiting time for the cars in a signal.The system came into being this year.The government has also has initiated some controls on media and social networks,and is always monitoring things shared though Tadio,Television,Internet etc.

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