American civil war

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In the following text I will point out some moments of the American Civil War. The American Civil War was during 1861 and 1865. The Civil War was between the Nothern and the Southern states. The reason for the Civil War wasn't only because of the differences in economic, in social divisions and political divisions between North and South, it was more about the big question: “Slaves in America?”.

Abraham Lincon the 16th President in the US

In the U.S. senate was a heated debate over the issue of slavery. In the South, voices were raised and demanding a separation from the Union. The conflict between the thoos states was also fueled from the upcoming presidential elections. Abraham Lincoln was one of the most promising candidates and an opponent of slavery. Later Abraham Lincoln was elected as the 16th president of the United States on November 1860. He was the first republican president and he received 180 of 303 possible electoralvotes and 40 percent of the popular votes.1 2 The South immediately took political consequences. South Carolina declared to withdraw from the federal government on December 1860. The representatives met six slave states and formed the formation "Confederate States of America" in February 1861. The president of the Confederacy was Jefferson Davis. Five more states joined this confederation a short time later. The capital of the Confederacy was Richmond in Virginia3.

The first victory for the South

The Southern states worked out a constitution, which included the most ideas with the constitution of the Union, but there was only one problem. In this constitution was also written that slaves are federal property, but the Northern states didn't wanted to approve this bill. The Southerners decided at Fort...

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...eir lives.See 5 The economic damage through the destruction was enormous. Six days after the war Abraham Lincon was killed by a southerner. His ambition to enforce the abolition of slavery in all the states of the Union, was realized a short time after his death. It took a long time for the Southern economy to recovered from the war and were reintegrated socially and politically in the equal rights of the Union. This process took until into the 1870s.

The undesirable effects
Only a short time later after the Civil War the Ku-Klux-Klan was formed. Members of this racist secret society went after the war against traders from the north, which was rumored to want to hit from the defeat of the South profit. Also on former slaves who had transferred political offices in the South, the Klan made chase. Even today, there is a noticeable gap between North and South.See 1
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