The American Civil War

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The Civil War was a war between the North and the South after several states in the south seceded after Lincoln's Presidency. The war first started off as states rights but as the war went on and progressed the war was fighting to end slavery. African Americans had an important impact on the Civil War.

There was individual African Americans who made an important impact in the civil war. For example Frederick Douglass he was known for being a escape slave and a good public speaker for his efforts to end slavery. But he was also well known for his efforts in the civil war for being a “Consultant to President Abraham Lincoln and helped convince him that slaves should serve in the Union forces and that the abolition of slavery should be a goal of the war.” (Douglass role in the civil war). (5/22/14). Douglass also helped the Union recruit african americans soldiers after the Emancipation Proclamation was stated. Another big individual impact was Harriet Tubman. Harriet Tubman work was important because she worked as a nurse, cook, and a spy for the Union army. She was a good spy because she knew the land well, she was a escape slave and helped numerous people escape slavery by the underground railroad. Harriet wasn't just important from her spy work, she did a lot of nursing work also she found water lilies and herbs to make stew for the sick and she saved a lot of Union soldiers with her nurse work. The next big individual African American impact was Isabella Baumfree mostly know as Sojourner Truth she was a former slave that was an abolitionist and a good public speaker on slavery and women's rights. During the civil war she was a recruiter for the 54th regiment of massachusetts she also worked as a...

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...ring the Civil War. “ (African Americans in the War).
Union did not always recruit African American soldiers, but the 54th regiment of Massachusetts was the first military unit recruited in the north and it was also the military unit that consisted of African Americans. The 54th marched to Fort Wagner with no food, exhaustion, and wet clothes from the battle on James Island. The Military force was the first to attack Fort Wagner. after a failed attack two weeks before. The 54th tried to take fort Wagner but it was an unsuccessful attempt with nearly half of the 600 men dead.

This evidence shows the individual and group effort of African Americans that had an impact on the Civil War an and an impact on the Union's victory. These actions of Africans Americans shows why African Americans had an important impact on the Civil War.

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