American Civil War

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The Civil War was the worst war in American history. More Americans died in this war than World War 1 and 2. The events that lead up to the Civil War show that it was a conflict that was going to arise no matter what happened. Abraham Lincoln was vital to the outcome of the Civil War. Lincoln was born in 1809. Lincoln’s whole family were opposed to slavery considering it cruel and evil. Lincoln’s mother died when he was young. Even though his family were poor, Lincoln had a strong a memorable childhood. Lincoln loved to learn and read, and soon became extremely intelligent. As he physically grew, he also grew in character and soon became a fine young man. Following a friend’s advice, Lincoln decided to run for state office. Even though he lost the election, he learned many things about the country he loved, and in 1861 Abraham Lincoln became one of the most famous presidents of the United States of America. Slavery in America was a problem. Most people did not see it but there was a select few who saw through the veil and into the evil of slavery. They hesitantly proposed that slavery be abolished. Soon they became increasingly loud about their complaints. Their main argument was that it said in the constitution that “all men are created equal.” Slavery was against the constitution that America was founded on and should be abolished. These people were called “Abolitionists.” In the North there was very little need for slaves because agriculture was not a characteristic of the North. In the South however, agriculture that required slaves was more important. Most of the produce came from the South, such as cotton, tobacco and corn. Most of these products were imported to Europe where the fetched a high price. ... ... middle of paper ... ... soldiers died in this battle. Many more where captured or missing. After the battle president Lincoln came to say a few words. What he said would be put down in history, making him one of the most famous people in the world. Lincoln spoke the Gettysburg Address and in it he made the Civil War stand for what it truly was. A war to end slavery. The war went or two more years. People started to desert and grumble. Lincoln was almost voted out of office, but then the end came in sight. The Union captured Richmond, the Confederate capital! This gave the Union more spirit and they finally defeated Robert E. Lee. People where ecstatic. The war was finally over, both the North and South rejoiced. So in 1865 the worst war in American History ended. The Civil War, however, did not mark the end of slavery. The rights of African Americans were still to be decided.

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