Cause of the American Civil War

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The cause of the American Civil War has been a politicized subject for the past 152 years. There are many different theories for what the main cause is, however the best answer is an all of the above approach. The cause of the war that divided the nation cannot be narrowly defined into a single issue but each cause is affected and tied together. The main causes that resulted in the Civil War were the issue of nullification, tariffs, but most importantly just an overall difference in their ways of life. Yes, slavery was a cause of the war, but that was not one of the central causes that popular belief has engrained in us all, however, the role that slavery had will be discussed. These reasons all-fed off each other, which eventually resulted in the bloodiest war in American history and affected almost every single American family. The first cause, that was most the popular belief for the cause of the Civil War, was the idea of slavery. Thomas Jefferson believed that slavery was, “Rock upon which the old Union would split” . While there is plenty to discuss why this was the cause of the war, the differences between the North and the South go much deeper then the question of slavery. Especially, since the Northern states tried slavery but it did not benefit them as well as it benefited the South. The last use of slaves in the North ended before 1850. While, slavery did play an influence and will be discussed how it did later, it is important to dispel some myths that have been lost in translation over the past 152 years. To the average American today, when asked what caused the Civil War a majority will say, slavery was the immediate cause of the war. However, while the effect that slavery played is undeniable, the... ... middle of paper ... ...tinuation of slavery in the United States. Works Cited Slavery: Cause and Catalyst of the Civil War." Web. 10 Mar. 2013. McPhearson, James M. For Causes and Comrades: Why Men Fought in the Civil War. New York: Oxford UP, 1997. Print Wahl, Jenny. "Slavery in the United State.” Feb. 2010. Web. 10 Mar. 2013 Scruggs, Leonard M. The Un-Civil War Shattering the Historical Myths. Universal Media, Web. 24 Mar. 2013 Clyde N. Wilson and W. Edwin Hemphill, editors, The Papers of John C. Calhoun, vol. 10, 1825-1829 Columbia. 1977. U of South Carolina P. April 2013 Freehling, William W. Civil War: The Nullification Controversy in South Carolina. New York City: Oxford University, 1965. Print. Latner, Richard B. "The Nullification Crisis and Republican Subversion." JSTOR 43.1 (1977): 19-38. Web. 28 Apr. 2013.

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