The American Civil War

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Character Analysis The Civil War determined what kind of nation the United States would become. It determined whether it would be a nation with equal rights for everyone or the biggest country that still abused of slaves. The war started because of the brutal conditions slaves were living in. Many had no education what so ever and were treated worse than animals. Back then part of this country found this acceptable and demanded to keep their slaves while the others demanded freedom. Today there are many movies about the civil war. For example the movie Glory which was made in December 15, 1989 it was directed by Edward Zwick. The movie depicts the lives of African American soldiers who had to endure tougher training than the American man, and American officials who had to make these men into real action fighting soldiers. The defining characters in this movie were. Major Cabot Forbes who was very tender towards the African American soldiers and he even stood up for them. Private Trip gave up his freedom in order to fight is true fighter. Corporal Thomas Searles who struggled a lot in the training camp but in the end pulled through. Glory is mainly about men with struggles that have to overcome their torments in order to end the Civil War. It took time and strength but the colored regiment became just as good as any white one. Corporal Thomas Searles, Major Cabot Forbes, and Private Trip all fought for what they believed in even at the time of their last breathes something they would have never done at the beginning of the movie. Private Trip undergoes a change from being rude to everyone in the regiment to a man that learns to love his regiment and is willing to endure anything to fight. In the scene where the men are praising ... ... middle of paper ... ...han others and when the man holding the flag fell he ran to the rescue and was brave enough to keep moving forward. Thomas had the great honor of becoming Corporal. No one could have ever predicted that was to happen earlier in the movie because he was one of the weakest and slowest he had the hardest time in the camp because he used to live like a white educated man but in the end he proved to be a good fighter and became a Corporal. Camp helped Thomas tremendously making him the most changed and bravest man in the fifty-fourth regiment. Glory is a movie that shows how the characters change during the civil war they all became good and honorable men. This movie teaches us that no matter what color or race a person is or what they have been through they will always have what it takes to endure there hardships and become good men, everyone is capable of doing good.
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