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  • Aircraft Aging

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    Addressing the challenges of aging aircraft is greatly needed in aviation maintenance to increase the serviceability and reliability of both military and civilian aircraft around the world. There are many different ways to detect and ways to slow down the aging process. Over time aircraft will age just the same as a human would and as the years go by there are more needs for inspections to extend the life of the aircraft, but it is impossible to completely prevent the effects of aging. Corrosion

  • Aircraft Law: Liability

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    Aircraft Law: Liability The problems regarding aircraft liability in the international realm primarily relate to resolving issues of legal status of international airline passengers and cargo. The issues are defined as follows: sovereignty over airspace, the impact of aerospace craft on the environment, the role of aerospace technology in the international system, weather modification, air safety and international aviation relations. Remarkable growth and development in the range of air transport

  • Aircraft Family

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    ENVIRONMENTSL SYS The SA227 family of aircraft are low wing monoplanes, built by Fairchild Aircraft Corporation. These aircraft include the Merlin IIC, Merlin IVC, and the Metro III. These three aircraft are powered by two turboprop engines equipped with constant speed, full feathering, four blade, reversible propellers made by Dowty-Rotol, or McCauley propellers. The cabin is pressurized, heated and cooled by bleed air which is ducted through valves, heat exchangers, and refrigeration unit

  • aircraft icing

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    dangerous to flight but most accidents can be avoided if the right precautions are taken to avoid potential bad weather situations. I will take a closer look at icing conditions on aircraft and give examples of icing related accidents Body Icing, or ice buildup on the wings, is a particular problem for aircraft. When ice builds up on wings, it can disrupt airflow, robbing an airplane of lift and can decrease its angle of attack, which keeps it in the air. Wind tunnel and flight tests have

  • Physics in Aircrafts

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    Physics in Aircrafts All you need to know about the role physics plays in the flight of an aircraft. Introduction Many people are amazed with the flight of an object, especially one the size of an airplane, but they do not realize how much physics plays a role in this amazing incident. There are many different ways in which physics aids the flight of an aircraft. In the following few paragraphs some of the many ways will be described so that you, the reader, will realize physics at work in

  • Future of Passenger Aircraft

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    The future of passenger aircraft and their manufactures has an amazing outlook. Every year the brightest minds in aviation compile the greatest technological advances towards creating the safest and most economical aircraft on the planet. No detail is over looked, and the bottom dollar is the all controlling factor. From private aircraft to public aircraft, space exploration and beyond, the future is bright for the passenger aircraft market, and everyone who purchases air travel should be excited

  • Aircraft Captain Responsibilities And Responsibilities

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    The aircraft captain shoulders the responsibilities of guaranteeing the normal operation of the aircraft, keeping the cabin crew and passengers safe. Firstly, the prime responsibility of the aircraft captain lies in that he shall supervise and take charge of the aircraft operations and make sure that the flights are safe and successful. The captain undertakes the obligations to instruct the crew, exam the flight process, check up whether the plane is in good condition before it takes off. Then, the

  • Importance Of Aircraft Weight And Balance

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    the aircraft is still controllable. Unlike small aircraft, large commercial jets must flare prior to touch-down in order to reduce the landing speed. Chapter 9 Weight and Balance 9.1 Introduction Aircraft weight and balance is one of the important aspects in airline operations. Normally the task of taking care of weight and balance is done within several departments, such as flight operations, engineering and maintenance, and flight services. The process starts with designing the aircraft, where

  • Vertical Takeoff and Landing Aircraft

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    While the idea of a vertical-takeoff-and-landing aircraft sounds interesting to just about everyone, few people are acquainted with the long and interesting history of the diverse designs that attempt to achieve this. A large fraction of the population of the western world has first-hand experience being flown inside conventional (non-VTOL) airplanes, but few have ever been inside a helicopter. And while airplanes dominate the aviation world, helicopters only fill small often-unseen niches, and VTOL

  • Jet Aircraft Case Study

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    Summary In the transition period from propeller aircraft to jet aircraft, manufactures faced numerous problems and challenges during the design and test period. New technologies and test criteria were used. Using new kinds of wings and high lift devices were one of the solutions they came up with. Utilizing new materials made high speeds possible. The jet airplane allowed more passengers to be transferred efficiently and safely making flying in reach of the general public. Problem By the end of