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The future of passenger aircraft and their manufactures has an amazing outlook. Every year the brightest minds in aviation compile the greatest technological advances towards creating the safest and most economical aircraft on the planet. No detail is over looked, and the bottom dollar is the all controlling factor. From private aircraft to public aircraft, space exploration and beyond, the future is bright for the passenger aircraft market, and everyone who purchases air travel should be excited to see how industry unfolds.

Let's kick this off! For me, this topic hits home and in my pocket. My uncle, retired Coast Guard Captain Brian Murray, fly's for Emirates Airlines out of Dubai. Growing up with aviation in our family, I've seen and heard the best stories of flight, but it seems the best are yet to come. Every new dawn breeds a new idea of some component of flight that will lead to the best experiences offered in the passenger aircraft world.

Personally, that I have been flying regularly for the last ten years. From just a few years before I joined the Navy in 2005, our family started taking their first trips by aircraft. Living on the East Coast, we could always drive to a fairly close location that would involve summer family getaway's, so passenger airline travel was unnecessary for the larger part of 16 years of my life. In fact, I had never flown on a aircraft at all until the summer of 2003, just a few weeks after completing 10th grade. My first flight was on an Air Tran operated Boeing 737, and I will never forget that experience. I gripped the armrests as if I was controlling the aircraft for most of that leg between Richmond, Virginia and Atlanta, Georgia. Remembering the smell of the aircraft not b...

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In this essay, the author

  • Recalls their first flight on an air tran operated boeing 737 in 2003, when they were 6 feet tall and had enough room for momma and i's legs.
  • Explains that private companies produce cutting-edge private jets that are utilized by the world's most elite and prominent figures.
  • Explains that the future of passenger aircraft covers a broad spectrum for private, commercial, and even aerospace designs to provide the best aircraft for the consumers of the next generations.
  • Explains that airbus is banking on a radical approach to the future based on their a380 platform for the foreseeable decade.
  • Opines that the aerospace industry has a hold on the future of passenger airliners. nasa awarded northrop grumman, boeing, and lockheed martin contracts to dream up these future studs of the sky.
  • Explains that companies like boeing and virgin galactic have invested research and development into the idea of commercial flights onboard space based transportation systems.
  • Opines that the future is bright for passenger flight, with the super airliners of the not too distant future, radical thoughts of free thinking engineers, and excitement of future super sonic travel.
  • Opines that every new dawn breeds a new idea of some component of flight that will lead to the best experiences offered in the passenger aircraft world.
  • Explains how the new regulations have shaped the airline industry forever, bringing stiffer policies and longer processes for everyone involved.
  • Analyzes how davies, alex, and spence, katie, are promoting nasa's supersonic passenger planes of the future.
  • Opines that the opinions expressed in this commentary are solely those of bastian schaefer.
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