Theory of Caregiver Stress and its Practice in Nursing Essay

Theory of Caregiver Stress and its Practice in Nursing Essay

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Theory of Caregiver Stress and its Practice in Nursing
Primary caregivers are given an opportunity to take care of their loved ones; however, this job comes with a lot of stress and its consequences (Tsai, 2003). Primary caregivers take care of those with a chronic illness such as a family member or friend, are given a task that is so immense that it induces a lot of stress. In the previous decades, many research articles have developed studies which focused on stressors that were associated with the task of being the primary caregiver; yet, a theory surrounding this topic has not been developed until the early 2000s. Tsai (2003) developed the Theory of Caregiver Stress based on the Roy Adaptation Model to identify the caregiver’s response, perceptions, and adaptations to the stress and burden that primary caregiver’s experience.
The Theory of Caregiver Stress explains the primary caregiver’s social role, how they reduce stress, and how they cope with stress. Tsai (2003) was able to list several propositions in this theory that can be found and applied in the nursing practice. Many research articles have related or applied the Theory of Caregiver Stress in the recent years. This paper will explain those propositions in the Theory of Caregiver Stress as well as several examples that are applied to this theory.
The Theory of Caregiver Stress is derived from the Roy Adaptation Model (RAM), which is used in many studies, but only a few studies of caregiving have utilized it (Tsai, 2003). RAM was developed from the three human responses (focal, contextual, and residual), based from the input of stimuli from the environment (Tsai, 2003). The output response follows which is based on the input, which will follow either a compensat...

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... patients with heart failure: Impact on patients. American Journal of Critical Care, 20(6), 431-442.
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