Coping with Chronic Illness

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1. Introduction.

o Definition of chronic illness.

o Coping strategies with chronic illness.

o The magnitude of chronic illness in Egypt.

o Theories of caring in relation to chronic illness.

o Effect of chronic illness on patient and relatives.

o Health promotion strategies.

2. Definition of diabetes.

3. Types of diabetes.

4. Sign& symptoms.

5. Causes.

6. Risk factors.

7. Anatomy and physiology of pancreas.

8. Case study.

 Demographic data.

 Past history of:

 Patient

 Family

 Lab investigations.

 Drugs.

 Nursing care plan.

 Health teaching

9. Conclusion.


There are many ways to categorize illness and disease; one of the most common is chronic illness. Many chronic illnesses have been related to altered health maintenance hypertension and cardiovascular diseases are associated with diet and stress, deficient in exercise, tobacco use, and obesity (Craven 2009). Some researchers define the chronic illness as diseases which have long duration and generally slow development (WHO 2013); it usually takes 6 month or longer than 6 month, and often for the person's life. It has a sluggish onset and eras of reduction for vanishing the symptoms and exacerbation for reappear the symptoms. Some of chronic illness can be directly life-threatening. Others remain over time and need intensive management, such as diabetes, so chronic illness affects physical, emotional, logical, occupational, social, or spiritual functioning. Chronic diseases, such as heart disease, stroke, cancer, chronic respiratory diseases and diabetes, all of these diseases are the cause of mortality in the world, representing 63% of all deaths. So a chronic illness can be stressful and may change the way a person l...

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