Theoretical Perspectives On Human Behavior Essay

Theoretical Perspectives On Human Behavior Essay

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Theoretical Perspectives on Human Behavior
There are 8 theoretical perspectives on human behavior, field, social exchange, learning, cognitive behavioral, systems, empowerment, feminist, and psychodynamic. The three theories that I believe supports the understanding of human behavior are field, learning and empowerment. The first is field, this concept is cohesion which encourages individuals to remain a group member. The rewards need to outweigh or counterbalance the negatives for the group to be functional. Relating this concept to college, is reinforcing the positives of earning a degree. Every student is there and wants to be there to make a change to their life, so we stick together and support each other. Another part of this group that is important to accomplishing goals is leadership. There three types of leadership found in this group is authoritarian, democratic or laissez-faire. Authoritarian leaders control groups without any input from the members. Whereas, democratic leaders encourage equal input from everyone in the group regardless of skills, or competency. Contrasting leadership you have the laissez-faire that allow the group to function on its own, which only works if the team can work independently with little guidance (Kirst-Ashman, 2014). The leadership style, I have found at MSB, is a mix between authoritarian because they are guiding us equally and democratic in our interaction’s with group sessions to allow every viewpoint to be heard.
The second theoretical perspective, I feel is important to understanding human behavior is the Learning theory. This theory intellectualizes behaviors before and after events. Suggesting that behaviors can be learned and retrained. The focus is not on a group of peopl...

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...that the three most prominent theories to support the understanding of human behavior are field, learning and empowerment. My decision to continue my education which allows me to pursue my career goals was influenced by the fact, that I could no longer advance at my company without a degree. This pushed me to pursue my degree so joined MSB College. What I found was that I was not alone, many of the students were in the same situation and were looking to better themselves. Together as students we support each other with words of encouragement and to not give up as you will find in the field theory. Our teachers using the learning theory with conditioning and reinforcement to help us in achieving our goals. And finally, through our own efforts we become empowered to take action to make the necessary changes to fulfill our dreams to being whatever it is we want to be.

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