Reflection On Person Centered Therapy

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Reflecting on the Person-Centered Therapy, it is similar to the Existential Therapy because it focuses on the client/therapist relationship, where the therapist needs to be totally genuine, empathetic and non-judgmental toward their clients in order to gain the client’s trust. I like the fact that the Person-Centered Therapy views the client as their best authority on their own experience, and being fully capable of fulfilling their own potential for growth. I also like the fact that the therapist is non-directive, does not give advice and there is no specific technique involved. Person Centered Therapy can basically develop their own technique as their relationship develop with the client. I believe the Person-Centered Therapy focuses on present…show more content…
I believe therapeutic goals are attainable because therapists allow the client to lead the discussion and do not try to steer the client in a particular direction. I think therapeutic goals are realistic because the therapist accepts the client for who they are and displays support and care no matter what the client is facing or experiencing. Also, if the therapists shares his or her feelings honestly, it can help teach the client to also develop important skills. I believe the person-centered therapy helps to increase self-esteem, more self-understanding, less guilt, and insecurity, and more positive and comfortable relationships with others. I believe the main goal of the person-centered therapy is for the client to realize their capacity for…show more content…
The client should be honest with the counselor, discuss concerns, and listen to the counselor. I would expect students to trust in their abilities to make their own choices get in touch with their feelings. I believe client roles are resourceful in helping people take more responsibility for their lives and solve their own problems. I believe the client is fully capable of fulfilling their own potential for growth. Major Techniques I think the major technique is focusing on the person and not the problem which would help the client to achieve independence and allow the client to cope with current and future problem they may face. Another major technique is the client determines the course of directions of therapy. Another technique is the person-centered therapy which is a non-directive which allows the client to be the focus of the therapy session without the therapy giving advice. Theoretical
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