Examples Of Theoretical Orientation

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My theoretical orientation can best be described as a mixture of Person-centered therapy and feminist therapy. Where person-centered therapy is all about being aware of oneself and feminist therapy encourages personal empowerment. Those two together create a great theme of evolving to become something greater in life. I believe that human behavior is a result of feeling like you, have a sense of belonging in the world. Similar to what Maslow’s hierarchy, people need to feel a sense of love in order to be happy and confident in one’s self. Once they are content with themselves as result, they will project that same love towards others. When considering my approach, I want clients to be authentic and confident in who they are. The individual…show more content…
Sayings like, “I can’t do it.” “What if?” “I’m a failure.”, will never bring joy. In fact, bad habits like so will only lead one into a deeper pit of misery. Instead, practice being grateful for where you are today and how you can make a difference. For instance, in feminist therapy they strive for transformation; therefore, think of ways you could evolve and work on the things you would like to change. To be healthy people, need to take care of themselves first. A lot of times people are overwhelmed with tasks, for this reason, they experience burnout, anxiety, or depression. They often feel like they’re not good enough because they themselves haven’t experienced their self-worth. One must value themselves and comprehend that they have meaning in the world, that’s when happiness will arise. When faced with a crisis people often need to be heard. They need the opportunity to fully express themselves without holding back. For this reason, finding someone who will listen and understand without judgment is…show more content…
To explain, the client should not be inferior to the counselor; the environment should be two people discussing an issue and ways to make a difference. A therapist should occasionally share similar experiences; therefore, sessions should make clients feel comfortable. To add, the client should feel safe due to the positive atmosphere the therapist brings to the session. The goal is to finally give the client a chance to be heard, regularly people are muted and feel like they are insignificant to society. Similarly, to Person-centered therapy where communication with the client is unconditionally positive. The therapist needs to genuinely care about the client needs for them to fully express themselves successfully. Furthermore, clients should be encouraging to make their own choices which model how to identify and use power responsibly. Hence, this will help the client feel more confident in everyday life when making a meaningful
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