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Testosterone and Infidelity Essay

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A man has been married to his wife for seven years. The couple has two beautiful children, a fabulous home, and appear to have the perfect marriage. After the husband leaves work one afternoon, he decides to stop in at the local bar. The man sits at a table in the corner of the room. Not long after his arrival, a woman approaches him. She asks the man if she can join him at his table. The two seem to have quite a bit in common and enjoy each other’s company. The woman asks if he would like to go back to her apartment. He has not had a fight with his wife today. In fact, she surprised him with a love note in his briefcase. Their sex life is enjoyable, frequent, and without complaint. The couple is not currently having financial problems. Despite this, why did the man decide to leave with a stranger and cheat on his wife? A great deal of research has been carried out on the topic of infidelity. Marital therapists have reported that more than half of the couples they counsel are in therapy as a result of infidelity (Atkins, Jacobson citation). Therapists also consider an extramarital affair as, “one of the most damaging relationship events and one of the most difficult problems to treat in couples therapy” (whisman predicting sexual infidelity…). Some therapists estimate that 50% to 65% of couples seek help after an incident of infidelity in their relationship (Atkins, Jacobson & Baucom). Identifying the reasons for this problem are essential to the success of its reduction. Infidelity is not a new phenomenon. However, there was little research on the topic until the late 1970’s (Drigotas & Barta, 2001). Numerous factors have been examined while trying to determine the root cause for extramarital relationships a...

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...irections and implications. In a future study, a satisfaction questionnaire could be included to examine a participant’s current marital satisfaction prior to exposure to their condition. A study should be conducted using an older sample of male participants in order to see if results would be different as a result of the decreased levels of testosterone in that age group. In addition, future researchers should consider investigating homosexuality, testosterone, and infidelity. There is no research that address homosexuality, testosterone. and infidelity. As such, future research should explore these aspects. Research dedicated to biological reasons for infidelity is an important and necessary contribution to reduce the worldwide epidemic of divorce. Understanding the effect (effect or affect?) testosterone has on infidelity is another step in this process.

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