The Causes and Effects of Divorce

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Since the creation of mankind, humans all over the world have fallen in love and believe that they have found “the one.” People get married and realize that it is not always “happily ever after.” A large percentage of couples are unable to maintain their relationship, because of this, they choose divorce. Many spouses, believe that this is the best solution to deal with problems between each other. However, many people think carefully before getting entangled into marriage. Nevertheless, divorce rates still continue to increase to this very day. It certainly looks as if divorces occur more now than they did 20 years ago. There are three causes of divorce: changing of a woman’s household status, financial situations, and lack of communication. The first cause of increased divorce rates is because of women completely changing their household status. In past generations, men had to earn all the money for the family expenses. Women primarily took care of the home and focused on raising the children. They usually did not contribute financially to the family causing them to depend on ...

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