Essay on Teaching As A Teacher, And I Work

Essay on Teaching As A Teacher, And I Work

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I am proud to be a teacher, and I work to strengthen and improve the teaching
profession by training other educators. I do this because I believe that the quality of a
child 's teacher can be the most important factor in determining his or her success.
Therefore, I train and support veteran teachers, new teachers, and student interns who are
pursing education as a career. I strengthen the teaching profession by strengthening
As a mentor teacher in the Montgomery County Public Schools, I support new teachers
as well as student interns from the University of Maryland. This role is significant because it
is widely reported that many teachers leave the profession within their first five years, and
note a lack of support and isolation as one of the causes. By training and supporting new
teachers and student interns, I am not only providing models of quality instruction, but also
creating a support system for them, increasing the likelihood that they will remain in the
field of education. I begin working with new teachers during week-long curriculum training
at the start of each school year. I continue to assist them throughout the year in a variety of
ways, including providing additional curriculum training, suggesting instructional strategies
and ideas, facilitating discussions, and hosting peer visits. My work with student interns is
done on a one-on-one basis where the intern spends a year in my classroom as part of a
guided learning experience.
The field of education is constantly evolving, but sometimes it is difficult for
experienced teachers to accept and adjust to the changes. I assist in this effort by providing
Kimberly Olive...

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...ssessments. I believe these measures
should be included because accountability should consider and measure individual student
learning and progress in addition to determining if students meet a specified standard. It is
important to acknowledge student growth, even if a student does not meet a designated
standard. It is quite possible that a student can make significant growth without achieving a
standard, depending on his or her starting point.

Overall, accountability is a very complex issue to define and determine. Most people
believe that some form of accountability is necessary. However, determining what that form
should be is not as easy. I believe that flexibility is the key, because schools, teachers, and
students are all unique. One size fits all simply will not work.

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