Essay about Students Must Required The Suitable Amount Of Sleep Every Night

Essay about Students Must Required The Suitable Amount Of Sleep Every Night

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Students should obtain the suitable amount of sleep every night. Doing this will help the students concentrate during class. At this age, children are working to further develop their gross and fine motor skills. Gross motor skills is known as, walking, running, jumping, etc. Fine motor skills are, drawing, coloring, etc. I want to create lesson plans where my students will have to use these different types of skills. Doing this will help them improve these skills when developing them.
In each classroom you may have, you are likely to have a student with uncommon cognitive developmental issues. This would be children with learning disabilities, autism, ADHD, and others. These disabilities will make learning more difficult and the students are not likely to understand the materials you are teaching as easily. I am willing to modify my lesson plans as needed for these students but also will make sure to keep every student a priority, not only one. These students will need extra help but as a teacher, you cannot push your other students in the background. I hope once I become a teacher, I will be able to have the skills to figure out how to do this.
During this time, students are going through the process of synaptic pruning. This is the process when the brain loses the ability to do certain things, such as the skill to hear certain sounds from other languages. This could be damaging when it comes to students when trying to learn a second language. Being a teacher, I would like to mix in a range of activities to teach my students many words from different languages. For example, I want to put some type of stickers on chairs, tables, mirrors, windows, pencils, etc. saying what they are in Spanish, German, etc. If I do this, I hope ...

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... The last challenge I might encounter is meeting every student’s individual needs. All of the students will be going through different situations during this time. Not every student is developmentally identical. Some students might struggle for the first few week with the classroom schedule and others might not. Not being able to meet every student’s needs will unquestionably bother me but I will need to learn it is not all possible.
All of the concepts and material I have learned over this course has bettered my understanding of being a great teacher. I have learned about human development, motivation, when and when not to give rewards, identities, cultural differences, and many other things. This course has broadened my view of children development and the way children learn. I will use what I have learned in this class to help me through the journey of teaching.

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