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Lesson study refers to a Japanese program of developing teachers’ profession during their teaching experience. It is a translation from Japanese word Jugyokenkyo which literally means study or research (Fernandez & Yshida, 2012). Fernandez and Yushida (2012) define it as “lessons that are object of ones’ study”. It means that through lesson study, the teachers explore their teaching-based research goals through the several steps which they have defined them earlier. These steps include: collaborative planning, observation, discussion, revising, re-teaching, and sharing reflection. Also, Dudley (2014) defines lesson study as a procedure in which teams of teachers do planning, teaching, observing, and analyzing learning and teaching collaboratively.…show more content…
Fernandez and Yushida (2012) state that the original lesson study takes place in Japan, and teachers often stay at school (as a rule of the hiring) in order to write their reports, lesson plans, etc. Schools are responsible to gather the reports from lesson studies by the end of the educational year. Thus, a good data base is available at school for novice teachers to study about previous programs at the school. In fact, this is the essence of transmitting treasure of research and knowledge from past generations to the new ones in their specific context. Fernandez & Yushida, (2012) believe that the reason for the popularity of this program comes from, incentives from the government for researching lesson study. Lesson study may be conducted for preservice teachers, governmental or locally supported school programs (Fernandez & Yushida, 2012). However, in Iran, study lesson project has been only presented as an educational program during recent years for state and in-service teachers. This program has its own limitations. For example, Ono and Ferreira (2010) reported that running lesson study program relies on allocating appropriate time as working hours, advisors’ regular visiting from lesson study program, and sharing the findings regionally and provincially. They have investigated the role of the lesson study program in South Africa, and they have reported that the teachers who were involved in lesson study have improved their
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