Weekly Lesson Plan

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Monday (Day One) Objective: Students will recall conflict terms and prior knowledge of conflict and resolutions in various texts. Students will be introduced to unit- “Work out Turmoil”. Activities: 1) Warm-Up Activity-Diagnostic pre-test for prior knowledge of conflict and conflict resolution terms 2) Students will watch video of Daniel Beaty performing “Knock Knock”. 3) Inquiring questions presented for discussion: What is his drama? How does he work through his turmoil in his life? Can you relate to any issue he is facing? Students will discuss the overall issues Mr. Beaty is experiencing in the poem to generate connections to the various dramas he is facing. 4) Teacher will ask overarching questions: “To what extent does experiencing conflict impact your life?” “What would life be like if all the conflicts were removed?” 5) Class discussion of overarching questions. 6) Introduce unit- Discussion will lead to why “Work out Turmoil” unit will lead to answers in resolving their own conflicts and generate excitement for the doors we will open! 7) Teacher will review performance tasks of unit and explain rubrics for tasks. Teacher will introduce roles they will assume during unit. • Students will become the teacher for rising 7th graders to explain conflicts and resolutions. • Students will become social workers and investigate conflicts in various situations. • Students will role play a character in a conflict and write a letter from their perspective. • Students will rewrite a poem from an adolescent point of view to help others learn from their conflicts and the resolutions to those conflicts. 8) Model rubric introduced on interwrite board so students will know not only where we are headed but ... ... middle of paper ... ...heet organizer. Students will fill in boxes for original conflict, scenario change, impact on story, and final resolution. 7) Exit Question for open discussion-“Is there always a point of resolution in a story?” Assessments: 1) Teacher will informally assess CRR log as students identify and analyze conflicts and resolutions in “The Highway Man”. 2) Teacher will assess as students create alternate solutions to personal conflict scenarios. 3) Teacher will assess students as they generate and explore alternate solutions to conflicts and their effect on the resolution of the story. 4) Teacher will assess individual understanding as they define resolution in their own words. Friday (Day Five) Objective: Activities: Assessments: Monday (Day Six) Objective: Activities: Assessments: Tuesday (Day Seven)
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