Reflection On Lesson Planning

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In the process of completing this coursework, I have realised that every teacher should be all-rounded and equipped with adequate skills of educating others as well as self-learning. As a future educator, we need make sure that our knowledge is always up-to-date and applicable in the process of teaching and learning from time to time. With these skills, we will be able to improvise and improve the lesson and therefore boost the competency of pupils in the process of learning. In the process of planning a lesson, I have changed my perception on lesson planning from the student’s desk to the teacher’s desk. I have taken the responsibility as a teacher to plan a whole 60-minutes lesson with my group members. This coursework has given me an opportunity …show more content…

In microteaching session, our lesson is being implemented with the foundation of learning is fun, meaningful and purposeful, which is one of the pedagogical principles in teaching. Undoubtedly, lesson planning is the first step that allows teacher to prepare the activity that could develop pupils’ ability. As the newly implemented KSSR syllabus promotes, HOTS has been put under the spotlight in education field. Writing, which largely involves metacognitive thinking skills, should be promoted in order to cultivate HOTS in younger generation. Thus, teacher should diversify the varieties of activities in order to make sure that pupils’ endowment is fully cultivated and their interest in the lesson is maintained. According to Champkins (2003), the average attention span of a primary school pupil can be calculated using the rule of chronological age + I (minute). This is an approximation of the period where pupils are able to concentrate in an activity. Subsequently, teacher should make sure that the lesson is learner-centred and activities planned are engaging, appropriate and suitable for pupils to enjoy the learning process. As the target group of pupils is Year 4, we have tried to attract pupils’ attention through creating suspense and asked pupils to predict the following activity. By doing this, we hope that we will be able to arouse the curiosity of pupils on the topic. In the lesson plan, we have also included group work. According to Gorgon (2008), group work is effective in developing pupils’ initiative to think, contribute to the group, share and evaluate information as well as promoting pupils’ sense of cooperation. From this, pupils will not be only improving their communication skill, but they are also being provided with an opportunity to develop collaborative skills as a real life scenario is provided for pupils to interact with their partner and pupils in the process of

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