Characteristics Of Individual Differences In Learning

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Children differ from one another. Their ability, skills and potentiality vary; this is because they are unique. According to Henson and Eller (1999),
“Individual differences refer to characteristics that have the potential whether to develop an individual ability or limited ability for an individual to learn in school environment”.
Also according to Borich and Tombari (1997)
“Individual differences means the variations we observe among members of any group in a particular characteristic, such as temperament, energy level, friendship patterns and parent – child attachment”.
Temperament is a personality characteristic which comes from the parents. Child will possess good manners if the parents do have them. Every child has his own energy
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There are slow learners as well as a mixture of fast learners in every classroom. These should be taken into consider and activities should be planned accordingly so that slow learners will not left behind and fast learners will not be bored. There are students with learning difficulties which will affect the teaching learning process. These should be taken into consider and teachers need to avoid things happening which as an effect in the teaching learning process. Behavior such as disruptive and destructive shows similar characteristics. These behaviors need to be discussed with the parents and necessary actions need to be taken to create a good atmosphere in the class. Also teachers will be able to identify different cognitive levels and learning styles. Some students learn through audio, some need to see visually while some of them learn by writing. So as teachers we need to have all these learning styles in a lesson to fulfill each individual. Planning should be done accurately which helps in the teaching learning process. Teachers play a great role in handling different children in the classroom. To build up an effective teaching process, these facts need to be taken into consideration. Teachers could think of different ways that they can implement in the classroom in the process of teaching and learning. Group method is one of the main teaching…show more content…
So taking consider in their views, my opinion would be personality is a sort of a behavioral pattern which possess in an individual: how you behave, how you think, how you feel and how you interact with the others. Understanding about personality is important to guide good students as well as problematic students. Children comes from different family backgrounds and some children face many problems in their childhoood. Teachers need to understand these situations and find solutions for it. Mainly children needs attention from the teachers, because they are not getting it from their close family members. To handle these pupils the best method is to use communicative approach. These students have their own personality, so teachers needs to be open heart and willing to listen to their problems. This will help in building a good teacher - student relationship and also it will help teachers to find solutions for their
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