Students Are The Most Important Part Of A Classroom, School, And Community

Students Are The Most Important Part Of A Classroom, School, And Community

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Students are the most important part of a classroom, school, and community. Without students there would be no school or growing community. Each child that passes through your classroom is a special gift. Every student is unique in different ways; whether it is a difference in learning, home life, or disabilities/abilities every child has the right to go to school and learn. It is our job as teachers to know and understand what each student needs in order to be successful.The more you learn about where your students come from, the easier your job will become. This includes learning more about their language, culture, values, family, and home environment. This knowledge will help you to better support your students in the classroom and to receive more support from home (Colorin,2011). Over the past week, I have spent several afternoons at the local elementary school getting to know some of the students. Each student represents a different aspect of diversity; one student suffers from dyslexia, one student comes from a low income family, and the last student was a very motivated and hard-working student. The students and I discussed a wide rage of topics from learning styles and instructional approaches to motivation at school and at home. I was surprised to find out that although the students were completely different, their views on some aspects of school are the same.
I have know Gunner for the past three years he has been in school. He is now in the second grade, and continued to struggle through school. Gunner’s mom is a Kindergarten teacher at Friendship Elementary( FES). When Gunner started Pre-K, she noticed he had trouble writing words and letters. When Gunner was in Kindergarten he still struggles with w...

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...still comes to school everyday works on bettering himself. He wants to learn how to read and write, and his teachers are working with him to ensure that he is successful. On her worst day Hannah is still a joy to have in class. She works hard not only to impress her teacher and parents, but also herself. No matter the circumstances, students want to be successful; teachers just have the opportunity to spend their time helping them make their dreams come true!

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