Stragtegies for Reviewing Essays

Stragtegies for Reviewing Essays

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This last semester, Fall, has been really beneficial to me. During this semester, I worked in many projects including four essays, grammar exercises, and other group activities. Although in the beginning of the semester I had some problems drafting and mainly revising my essays, now I feel more prepared to deal with all of these.
Of all my essays, I worked in matters such as literature narrative, rhetorical analysis, synthesis, and a persuasive paper. My first essay, literature narrative, supposed to be the easiest to be work on. However, since it was the first essay of the semester, it was not easy. After spending a whole Summer resting and not thinking at all in subjects related to school, I faced the problem of inactivity. I needed to turn on the engines and work hard. Moreover, it cost me a lot of time to draft my first essay. I remind that just the brainstorm took me from five to six days. However, after a lot of work and always revising something here and there, I finally got my first essay done with success. I believe I did a good job on this topic because I relied of many specific examples in order to make a clear image in the readers' head.
My second essay, rhetorical analysis, was something completely different for me. I have never worked before analyzing articles and citing all my work. Also, I have never used quotation before. During the process of drafting, I faced some issues to adequate to the MLA format. I used firstly the NC Live, which you can send for your own email the desired citation

of a determined article, however n...

... middle of paper ...

...n reading over the semester. To illustrate, I learned new methods to stimulate children reading more, problems and benefits of technological use, government programs to incentive children's education, and many other interesting information and data. Reading feeds people with content and new ideas. After reading several articles, I feel more informed about the world and intrigued to learn even more, --this maybe was my biggest gain from the semester.
Finally, I am proud of my development over the semester. I am also happy to learn so many things such as citation, research, analyze, and many others things, which will serve as a ground for my next classes and maybe for my future career as well. Moreover, I hope I keep using these strategies learned over the semester in the next classes, so I will not forget , instead it will improve even more.

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