Social Media 's Impact On Social Behaviors And Physiological Developments

Social Media 's Impact On Social Behaviors And Physiological Developments

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Social media website such as Facebook, has transform the internet to become one of the most interactive websites, which is used by many online users to communicate and interact openly with others. Although, social media like Facebook, may seem as a great tool to communicate and meet people freely online, unfortunately due to the enormous amount of users, the site has attracted many negatives which has cause impacts in social behaviors and physiological developments. Consequently, the standard of communication and social culture have been negative affected compared to previous years. Facebook is a website that gives its users the opportunity to freely post their personal and social lifestyle online through their individual page. As a result, many users take advantage of this feature to frequently post comments, pictures, videos, and outings of their social life or with others, which then leads to constant back and forth of comments and feedbacks (Nesi and Prinstein 1428). The use of Facebook has become an addiction for people (mostly youngsters), because of the need to constantly go online to check and make postings about themselves or others. As a result, such behaviors reflect symptoms of narcissistic tendencies; as well as low self-esteem and jealousy, which sometimes lead to anti-social behaviors like bullying. As more people join Facebook, more personal information are been shared online which affects data privacy and unauthorized use, also the need for face to face communication have greatly reduce as people’s time and focus are occupied with online activities, which could lead to disruption of priorities.
The features on Facebook have encouraged people to develop narcissistic tendencies, especially amongst youngsters. The c...

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...tive and use provocative language to hurt others, which creates emotional distress and vulnerability. This is the case of cyber bullying, which has increase greatly over the years. People attack others unnecessarily to create a negative scene using cruel taunts. Sadly, cyber bullying can result to acts in suicide. Some youngsters cannot handle the peer pressure and the lies being told against them, so acts of suicide ease their discomfort. Reports show that in “the survey of 13-to 18-year-olds found that 24% had been targeted due to their gender, sexual orientation, race, religion, disability, or transgender identity. One in 25 said they were singled out for abuse all or most of the time” (Aisha Gani). Cyber bullying targets people who are disabled and of minority ethnic groups, which stems from the social media network as the main source of the abuse (Asiha Gani).

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