How Facebook Makes Us Unhappy? By Maria Konnikova

As technology progress, humans evolve to the advanced technology and enhance our lives via technology. We connect to our families, friends and others through social media such as Facebook. Social media takes up a huge part in our lives. Social media infest us with information that are relevant and irrelevant to us. Marry Marrow wrote, “It was Facebook that changed the face of e-communication; in fact, it was the first electronic social media” (para 1). She assumes that Facebook is playing a huge role in electronic communication. In the journalist Maria Konnikova, “How Facebook makes us unhappy?”, Konnikova divulges many aspects of people on social media through researching and experience, and finds how social makes us unhappy. I agree with Konnikova findings after reading her article. In addition, she concludes that if you are engaged, active, and creative you will not sorrowful on Social media, however if you are passively browsing and defuse to engage, you…show more content…
Dr. Marry Marrow has syntheses her findings about Facebook and wrote, “Social media; staying connected.” She mentions that Facebook can bring happiness when you actively connected to our beloveds. Additionally, Facebook gives opportunities to health care as mean to communicate and to instruct communities (Marrow para 3). Social media like Facebook can enhance the relationships between us with organizations. Marry discloses, “There is a certain beauty of staying connected with loved ones and friends, favorite sports teams and performers via social media” (para 2). In other words, she presumes that affixing through Facebook gives off pleasure with one 's family, friends, sports team and performers. Moreover, she introduces that being active on Facebook can give you joyful moments and you won’t be lonely, and nurses can connect with their patients and embrace positive relationships with each
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