Social Media 's Effects On Females Essay

Social Media 's Effects On Females Essay

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Social Media 's Effects on Females
Social Media is all around us. There really is no escape from the media. Media is on the television, computer, Instagram, twitter, snapchat, and Facebook. All this social media is fun, innocent, and harmless, but after an extended amount of time, does it become harmful? There is a huge pressure put not only on women, but also for young girls to feel and look pretty. There is a certain “society standard” that women believe they have to meet in order to feel good and be accepted. Although social media can be a good thing at times, the depressing truth is that social media has also created an addictive, obsessive, and misleading world for females today. If something does not change soon with the way media portrays models and celebrities, females all over from young to old will continue to think they are not good enough, which could lead to things like anger, depression, hate, and more.
Essena O 'Neill is an 18 year old gird from Australia. She was an Instagram model for about three years. She was famous on not only Instagram, but also YouTube and Twitter as well. She had 500,000 plus followers, and seemed to be living what a teenage girl would call the dream. Essena O’Neill thought the same, at least up until a few months ago when she decided to quit being a model, and quit using social media altogether as well. O’Neill says she finally “realized the effect that all those likes and clicks had on her — and on social media users in general” (O’Neill). One of the first things the ex-model did before posting her last YouTube video on her reasoning behind her decision to quit social media, was she went back to all of her model photos on Instagram and changed the captions on the them. In the articl...

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... one of the main things that started it all.
Suddenly, you weren’t just that one tiny picture, you were every picture anyone might happen to want to snap, and to post and pin and share, images that would be tweeted and retweeted, scrutinized and commented upon and invoked to dismiss you as jealous, overweight, bitter, sexually frustrated and, maybe, illogically, also a sexually promiscuous hag (Weiner).
She also talks about how females used to only get all “dolled up” for a special event such as a birthday, job interview, wedding, etc. “Now? Every day is Class Picture Day. Every phone is a camera. Every picture, or video, ends up on the Internet. Everyone, from your eighth-grade classmates to the wife of the guy you worked with 10 years ago, can see.” (Weiner). Females have this giant pressure hanging over their heads because in today’s day, this generation cares so

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