Social Media Negative Effects On Teenagers

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Social media can have detrimental effects on the formation of an adolescent’s identity such as social isolation meaning that the individual will spend excessive amounts of time attached to any electronics that will provide him with social media access. Social networking has been debated to have beneficial or detrimental effects, as overuse and abuse of the Internet can be harmful to someone, such as an adolescent. According to the National Crime Prevention Council, over one million teenage girls are victimized psychologically as well as physically, through social media.
Discrimination through media causes teenagers to isolate themselves from the world, as well as implement online socialization and not having the capacity to communicate with another human being in person. Furthermore, this is the effect of abuse of media. Extreme online socialization will lead to the inability of contacting with people or whenever one is out in public, social interactions will remain brief. Online socialization in a developing child and exposure to media will directly influence and affect a child’s attitudes (Lee & Conroy, 2003).
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Isolation causes conflicts with friends and problems with family members, as well as the inability to maintain a sense of reality. The individual undergoes emotional and psychological changes such as increased feeling of loneliness and depression, which leads to forming a fear of people or deteriorate their self-image. In the US, 6.7% of the population over the age of 18 is suffering form depression (Sunstrum 2014). In today’s society, there is technology dependence. Although social media can enhance learning and facilitate habits, it can also have a negative effect on the individual because it can affect their ability to form
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