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  • YouTube

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    Broadcast Yourself YouTube is an online form of entertainment. While some viewers do not appreciate its format, others enjoy watching and creating videos on YouTube. YouTube videos range from being educational, instructional, comedic to amusing. Creating videos to upload to YouTube is being done by people of all ages from all over the world. According to author Alex K. Rich, “thirty-eight percent of Americans want to distribute content online.”(Rich 1) YouTube has brought about a new form of high

  • YouTube Partners: YouTube Entrepreneurship

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    make their work more efficient and effective. Therefore, any job in this field has become extremely attractive. One of the very promising areas is the YouTube entrepreneurship, as it offers the opportunity to monetize the uploaded videos. Relatively non-demanding work requirements lead many people to believe that they can easily start an effective YouTube business. As a result, there are many young people who recklessly invest a tremendous amount of money on editing software, cameras and its equipment

  • Youtube

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    Many people think differently about YouTube, some people think that it has an immoral effect towards society, but it actually has a positive effect towards society. YouTube is given a negative impact towards society by all of the immature people on it. It has many education and funny YouTubers on it so it can be entertaining. YouTube can be entertaining by people doing funny skits/videos. Additionally, “People like ‘Smosh’ may have some crude humor and violence, but they are still somewhat entertaining

  • Essay On Youtube

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    Youtube is a website designed to share videos online. Its intention was to post and share video content but quickly became a website to share anything through a video. Millions of people have created an account to allow them to share what ever they wanted to the rest of the world. Sending a video file via email could often be very large causing a lot problems but when Youtube came, they made it easy to share videos without having to send large files. Youtube revolutionised video sharing on the internet

  • YouTube Analysis

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    make money is through the video sharing website YouTube. This essay will discuss the history of YouTube, the infrastructure of the site, take a look at the commercial aspect of the site regarding the partner program and look at the way businesses are using the site productively. Lastly it will mention what is to be expected in the future and why this way of business will only look to increase dramatically. THE HISTORY OF YOUTUBE The website YouTube was created in 2005 by Chad Hurley and Steven Chen

  • The Evolution of YouTube

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    Starting in 2005, YouTube has become an online source of information and media for millions of viewers worldwide. Google bought the site in 2006 for $1.65 billion in stock and since then has only grown larger and more powerful, incorporating advertisements, movies, news broadcasts and most recently music awards. However, with new additions to the videos that include advertisements, company sponsorship and the ability to purchase movies through PayPal has changed the dynamics and environment around

  • Comparison Of Google And Youtube

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    Google and YouTube The two companies we have decided to research and discuss are Google and YouTube. We would like to look into the recent merger they had and what caused these two companies to come to this decision. YouTube is a website that enables users to upload videos of places they have been, things they have done, tutorials and etc. YouTube has greatly grown since 2005 and now has millions of videos uploaded each day of various things. Google is a popular search engine that is commonly used

  • Public Relations and YouTube

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    Within the industry, YouTube has become one of the most influential ways to promote services, the environment of the company, as well as feedback and travel experiences from a variety of customers. Public Relations practitioners are starting to avoid pitching to reporters and going directly to consumers. It has been reported that YouTube is likely to serve more than 75 billion video streams to around 375 million unique visitors during 2009 (Jantsch). YouTube makes it accessible for customers and

  • Persuasive Essay On Youtube

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    to the world. You can, on a website called Youtube! And it 's easy too! This article will show several steps on how to create a video and upload it onto youtube/ Step 1 - Getting the right video editing software (optional) If you 'd like to communicate your message more efficiently on Youtube, I recommend that you purchase a video-editing software. Yes, you can take a "selfie" video of yourself on your smartphone and then upload it to YouTube for free, but your video may be a little shaky

  • Youtube and Content Creators

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    YouTube, owned by Google, is an excellent outlet for modern creativity, allowing video uploaders, known as “content creators” or simply “YouTubers”, to make a living off of their content; such as reviews, parodies, and skits; in the way of ad revenue. Yet, because of YouTube’s new copyright system, Content ID, this outlet and the jobs of the people working for it are in danger; Content ID is a broken system that should be revoked. By automatically scanning videos for even minute amounts of copyrighted