Should we Ban Violent Video Games for Fueling Violence in Teens? Essay

Should we Ban Violent Video Games for Fueling Violence in Teens? Essay

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If the readers are familiar with video games, then ripping someone’s heart out right in front of their eyes and beating them to death with it should obviously ring a bell. Due to realism in today’s video games, many gamers are immune to strong language, blood, death and violence shown. As video games evolved, many critics believe that the strong content in video games are making gamers aggressive and lazy. There is an on going debate between many that critics are video games the gateway to violence?
The trend of playing video games consists of many decades. The modern day technology has revolutionized the way video games are played. The gaming industry came from an era of waiting in a line to play games at a local arcade. To fighting along side with George Washington during the American Revolution from the comfort of your own couch. Not only the way we play has changed but also what we play has transformed. The days of playing as a harmless pixelated character on a journey to save his princess in a magical world has long gone. Looking at one of the most popular old school franchise Super Mario. The plot of the game was simple. You play as a plumber whose main goal is to save his princess from the evil castle of Bowser. To do so Mario has to fight through a variety of turtles known as koopa, troopas, paratroopas and goombas. While, navigating through the game, there are many mystery blocks located. Mystery blocks are usually seen floating in midair and often contains coins and various super powers, which helps Mario to become stronger. Video games are an escape from reality and no matter how wild someone’s imagination can be, the possibility of this happening in real life is questionable. Now days, video games are being treated l...

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