Persuasive Speech Outline For Video Games

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Violence in Video Games Outline
Topic: Supporting that violence in video games is does not cause violence in real life.
Organizational Pattern: Problem-Solution
General Purpose: To persuade
Specific Purpose: To persuade the audience that violence in video games does not affect violence in real life
Primary Audience Outcome: To have the audience see that violence in video games does not correlate to real life violence
Thesis Statement: Violence in video games does not affect levels of aggression in people as long as you follow the MSRB rating scale.

(Attention Getter) Since 1972 with the creation of pong, video games have been one of the leading ways to spend free time around the world. (Link to Audience) With the creation of all sorts of different …show more content…

The solution to completely stopping the correlation no matter how small to violence in video games and aggression is to follow the guidelines in place or implementing activities to stop any added aggression from video games.
a. Follow ESRB and look closely at yourself
i. Just like movies and TV shows, video games have the same rating system based on age. ii. It has been proven that violent video games and aggression do have a direct correlation in the short term. (Decamp, 2015) so if you feel angry after playing a video game take some time to decompress to lose that aggravated feeling.
b. Read the facts
i. “Contrary to the claims that violent video games are linked to aggressive assaults and homicides, no evidence was found to suggest that this medium was a major (or minor) contributing cause of violence in the United States.” (Markey, 290) ii. There is a direct correlation to video game sales going up while aggravated assaults and homicides go down. (Markey 2015) iii. A review in 2004 did not show a clear relation between video game violence and real life violence. The study found that for every 1% increase in violent video game sales there was a .03% decrease in real life violence. (Fournis,

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