Do violent games cause behavioral problems in teens?

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Violence has been around for quite a long time. Fights and wars are the interest of today’s society of entertainment. People are more likely to see a movie, where protagonists kill bad guys, over a romantic movie, where a typical girl finds her “knight in shining armor.” This also applies to how teens feel when playing games. Teens have a sweet tooth for violent games, such as Call of Duty: Black Ops, Kill zone, Infamous, and other violent rated games. These games are like vocabulary words in a teens’ language. A recent discussion has been brought up from the Industry of Coombes Class (ICC). A worker has noticed a few news reports stating that games have influenced shooting sprees or murders in the community. Not only that but also parents are being persuaded to ban their children from playing games. The question is “Are games really influencing teens’ bad behaviors?” Well, violent games have been said to be the cause of teens’ violent acts, but this is not true. Many times this has been proven wrong by scientists and psychologists.
Scientists have researched this topic for many years. Their theory was “Yes, behavior can be affected, but only for a few minutes.” To test their theory they’ve tried different experimentations to determine how far games can affect behaviors. Scientists first started with a group of high school students. They were placed in a room and were provided with three different types of games: Brain Challenge, Uncharted, and Call of Duty. Brain Challenge is a fundamental game. It presents mental exercises to help promote agility, vocabulary, and thinking outside the box. The main objective of this game is to assist in brain development. Uncharted is an adventure game with a third person shooter. Its violence...

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