Sexual Harassment : A Female And Your Child Essay

Sexual Harassment : A Female And Your Child Essay

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Imagine you are the mother of a small little girl, let 's say around the age of 3 or 4 years old. You and your child are walking through the grocery store,and she says, “I have to go to the bathroom”. You say okay and take her to the bathroom. When you enter the women’s bathroom there are no empty stalls so you wait in line. When finally a person unlocks the door to a stall and walks out. This person is a transgender male. He doesn’t look like a female and your child asks you ,”mom why is that boy in the girls bathroom?” what would you say to your young child? That man is actually not a man,but a man that has become a woman? This is one of the many reasons that I think that Transgenders should have to use the bathroom of the gender they were born to because the chance of sexual harassment will increase, the feeling of safety for women will decrease in public bathrooms, and it will expose young children to sexuallities that they wont understand.
First of all If transgenders are allowed to use whatever bathroom they want then what is going to stop them from entering a bathroom that is not of their correct genders and sexually harass someone. If this happens nobody will know who is telling the truth if the person was a transgender or just pretending or even a person of that actual gender. Another thing will be that the person accused of the crime was just trying to use the public bathroom, and someone does not like their lifestyle choice and that is why they are being accused of sexual harassment. As stated in, The Battle Over Bathrooms: A Solution Without a Problem, “We are also warned about “predatory males” who, sensing an opportunity, will don women’s clothing to prey on innocent and “defenseless” women and little girls in re...

... middle of paper ... and females. This topic is not meant to make anyone feel like they are being looked down upon or being judged based on their gender, but on the other hand people have basic rights that need to be protected. This is why I think that Transgenders should have to use the bathroom of the gender they were born to because the chance of sexual harassment will increase, the feeling of safety for women will decrease in public bathrooms, and it will expose young children to sexuallities that they wont understand. No matter what the government decides to do about this very popular problem, someone will always complain; and someone will never be happy with the decision that has been made. I just hope that if something is done about this topic whoever makes up the law/rule sees the problems and the non-problems and makes the best decision for the majority of people in america.

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