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Currently the citizens living in the United States are imprisoned within the binary of two genders. It is only acceptable for a person to identify as a male or a female. Depending on the gender the person identifies, as there is an expectation of how that person should look and act. The person identifying as the specific gender, must maintain the gender norms that are in place. These gender binaries are so prevalent in our lives; it is to the point where a large group of Americans are being overlooked. This group of Americans identifies as transgender, which means they do not fit society’s expectations of how a specific gender should look and behave. (, 2012). The trans population does not fit the expected gender molds that are…show more content…
By only giving the choice of using a Men’s or a Women’s bathroom it has further enforced the gender binary: “In the moment that one must choose between two doors—one marked “men” and one marked “women”—the binary construction of gender is never more blatantly enforced” (Herman, 2012, p.25). When someone is presented with only two choices of restrooms, it is enforcing the ideals that those are the only two options a person can be. Also these gender binaries are shaming anyone who does not fit into them. These gender binaries are so normalized and engrained in society that they lead to inadequate bathroom access for transgender people throughout the United States. The trans people are the ones who do not fit society’s gender norms and they are being isolated, because of…show more content…
This however, only aggravates the difficulties that already exist within the changes occurring, because it causes some to feel uncomfortable at the thought of two different sexes sharing one bathroom at the same time. Although this is often not the case, because the transgender person will often if not always use the bathroom they feel best matches their gender. (Transequality, 2016). It is common misinterpretations such as these that are averting people from supporting and understanding how simple the issue is. Like everyone else the trans population would like equal access to public restrooms. No one should have to fit into a gender binary in order to feel comfortable completing everyday activities, such as using the

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