Transgender Bathroom In Schools Essay

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Many people are arguing over the transgender bathroom situation, even here in our very own school system, Grace Christian Academy. Some say one should use the restroom of his/her biological identity, while others say one should have the right to use the restroom they gender identify with. Now the issue is starting to arise in public and private school systems, since the law now states every school has to have at least one transgender bathroom available on school property. As a parent with a child in your school system, I would like to express my opinion on this matter with you. Even though this is a private Christian school, and I am a Christian myself, I do not see a problem with having a transgender bathroom on school property for multiple reasons. For example, …show more content…

Instead, we should try to walk in the shoes of a transgender person and see all of the things they fear on a daily basis. Nearly “63.4% of transgender students reported avoiding bathrooms” at their school (Transgender Students). These students should not have the be afraid to use the restroom at school. As people, they should have the right to do what makes them happy. I personally believe that myself nor does anyone else have the right to tell someone they can not do what makes them happy. As long as someone is not putting themselves or others in danger, then they should be able to do as they please.
In addition to happiness, people should not be going around judging each other on how someone looks, acts, or even identifies. The Bible says that we should not judge one another on any level. Many people believe that being transgender is a sin in God’s eyes. However, judging is also a sin. When a transgender child walks down the hallway and all of the other students are laughing and judging them, they are committing a sin. A sin that a cisgender child does is not“better” than a sin done by a transgender child, both are seen as equal in the eyes of the Lord. I feel

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