Transgender Argumentative Essay

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Transgender is an umbrella term, meaning an individual’s gender-identity does not align with their assigned sex at birth. Although transgender is a protected class in eighteen states, these individuals still face discrimination within the country and around the world (“Non-Discrimination Laws”). Transgender is not a lifestyle, no one chooses to live their life constantly being discriminated against. Transgender issues should be more educated on and their lives should be more protected. The most common issue transgender individuals face every day is bathroom use. When a transgender person uses the bathroom that corresponds to their gender identity, it boosts well-being. It is legal to for transgender individuals to use whichever bathroom they feel to be is more beneficial. Many schools and states are trying to appeal this law. When the South Dakota House of Representatives were faced with the option to veto this law they chose to keep the law in place (“South Dakota House”). New York has also reinforced transgender individual’s right to choosing a bathroom (“New York mayor”).
Many other states are suggesting laws that would require everyone to present a birth …show more content…

Many people argue allowing transgender people to use the bathroom that corresponds with their gender-identity is an invasion of privacy, as well as endangering children and woman. These claims are mostly targeting MtF (male to female) transgender woman as predators. Many cities and organizations including Austin, SAFE Alliance, Dallas and their police department, and El Paso have reported they have not had a single transgender predator case (“Texas

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