Sex And The Middle East Essay

Sex And The Middle East Essay

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Safety in Sex?
In what ways do women in the Middle East feel safe in sex? For women, sex is very important because it can change their whole life. In the past, women have struggled in their sex lives because of rape, sex trade, and other issues that led women in the Middle East avoiding sex. But there are some ways that can change their thoughts. Now, the Middle East opens up their thoughts about sex into discussion in the media and hoping to change it. Women in the Middle East can feel safe in sex after the Arab Spring because of the marriage, religion, and politics.
Women in the Middle East feel safe in sex because of marriage. “Shereen El Feki, the author of “A little told tale of sex and sensuality,” states that across the Arab region, the only accepted form of sex is marriage. Also, it needs to be approved by their parents, religion, and the country. Marriage is also a ticket to adulthood, if they did not use the opportunity, then they cannot move out of their parent’s house and live by themselves. They also will not have children because they do not have their partner.” Women may not feel safe in public because they were afraid of being rape or sexual harassed by the men, but marriage is different; when the women is married they are not alone anymore because they are a part of the family and will be with their husband all the time. So that, they can be protected by their husband. If their husband is not a good husband and cannot protect them, then they should consider divorcing because it is not a healthy relationship. “Feki also explained that she had seen many people with the citadel. A lot of men cannot afford marriage because it is very expensive, and sometimes they cannot even find a job. Some career women want t...

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...f the women who are brave enough to change the thought of unsafe sex because she wanted to help other women who need help on their sexual lives. She also states, “Now we are very far from this across the Arab region, and so much needs to change: law, education, media, the economy, the list goes on and on, and it is the work of a generation, at least.” People should think of their next generation because it can affect them, if they did not solve the problem out. “Feki also said, “But at this critical moment in history, if we do not anchor freedom and justice, dignity and equality, privacy and autonomy in our personal lives, in our sexual lives, we will find it very hard to achieve in public life.” Feki’s speech has changed women’s thought about their sex lives because they are willing to let the public or other women who have the same problem to solve it together.

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